County Clerk

Important Notice- State Fee Increase

Fee Schedule

Genesee County Clerk’s Office
Michael T. Cianfrini, County Clerk
15 Main Street
PO Box 379
Batavia New York 14021-0379
585-344-2550 extension 2242

Civil Fees

Index Number (Foreclosure) $400.00
Index Number Applications $210.00
RJI $  95.00
Note of Issue $  30.00
Jury Demand $  65.00
Notice of Appeal $  65.00
SCAR Petition $  30.00
Motion/Cross Motion – Order to Show Cause $  45.00
Stipulation of Settlement-Voluntary Discontinuance $  35.00

Basic Recording Fees

Deed $50.00 for the first page (see note 1)
Mortgage/Deed of Trust $50.00 for the first page (see note 1)
Amendment/Modification $50.50 for the first page (see note 1)
Subordination $50.50 for the first page (see note 1)
Assignment  $50.50 for the first page (see note 1)
Satisfaction $50.50 for the first page (see note 1)
Power of Attorney $50.00 for the first page (see note 1)
Additional Recording Fees (Add all fees that can apply)
Additional pages and attachments  $5.00 per additional page
Multiple assignments on one document $3.00 per assignment after first
Cross references $0.50 per book & page referenced after first
Multiple releases on one document (see note 2)
Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217) $125.00 per form with deed –
Code 100-199 or 200-299 or 411c
If box is checked on RP-5217 7A,& B, 7E
or both 7G and 8
All Others $250
Transfer Tax Return (TP584)   $5.00 per form with deed
Recording Fee Note 1:  Basic fee includes a cover sheet, which the county will prepare.

Recording Fee Note 2:  For multiple mortgage discharges, multiply the computed fee for the first by the number of discharges.

*Please Note:  A page is one side of a sheet of paper with writing on it.

Legal Description:  Legal description required with deeds and mortgages (trust deeds)

Parcel Identification Numbers:  Not required on documents.

Transfer/Financing Fees/Taxes:

Real Estate Transfer Tax    $2.00 per $500 or fraction of consideration
Mortgage Tax   (1 ¼ percent) $1.25 per $100 or major fraction of debt

If consideration is $500 or less, no transfer tax is due.  Mortgage tax rate is for 1-2 family dwellings if $10,000 or more, less $25. credit, and $1.00 per $100 if $10,000 or less.  Rate is $1.25 per $100 for other properties.

Real Estate Searches, Copies and Certifications

Genesee County Clerk’s office does not perform any searches of real estate records

Search Fees-Civil, Criminal, Judgments, DBA, CORP etc.

5 years $10 10 years-$15 11-20 years-$20 20 plus years price on request

Copy Fees

Plain Copy $1.30 minimum $0.65 per page
Certified Copy $5.00 minimum includes first 4 pages $1.25 per page over
Compare & Certify (you provide copy)  $5.20 minimum includes first 4 pages $0.65 per page over
Large Book Copies (11x17) $2.00 minimum

DBA- Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

File or Amend Certificate $25.00
Certified Copies $  5.00
Form  $  1.00


Certificate of Disposition – Issue $  5.00
Transcript – File $10.00
Transcript – Issue $  5.00


Federal Tax Lien Filing $40.00
Lis Pendens (In addition to Index Number $210.)
(plus .50 for cross references) 
Mechanic’s Lien $15.00
Mechanic’s Lien cancellation No Fee
Mechanic’s Lien – Affidavit of Service $  5.00
Extension of Mechanic’s Lien No Fee

Notaries Public-Commissioner of Deeds

Certificate of Authentication $  3.00
File and Index Certificate of Official Character $10.00
Issue Certificate of Official Character  $  5.00
Notary Renewal (4 year term) $60.00


Adult (16 and older)   $110.00 (Check or money order only)
Child (15 and under)  $80.00 (Check or money order only)
Execution Fee for each passport $25.00 (Cash or check)
Expedited Fee $60.00 (Check or money order only)
Expedited Fee (mailer for return of passport) $14.96 (Check or money order only)
Passport Photo $10.00 (Cash or check)
Passport Card  (16 and older) $30.00 (Check or money order only)
Passport Card (15 and under) $15.00  (Check or money order only)

Pistol Permits

Original Permit $10.00
Duplicate Permit $  5.00
Amendments $  3.00
Transfer Permits (In or Out of County) $  5.00
Gun Dealer License/Renewal $10.00
Gunsmith License/Renewal $10.00
Pistol Permit Photo $10.00

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Amendment    $40.00
Assignment   $40.00
Continuation Statement $40.00
Copies (per UCC) $  5.00
UCC Search on a specific debtor $25.00