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County Clerk

Recording Fees

Recording /cover pages which is added at the time of recording by our office will now be included with the remainder of the document and counted as a distinct page of the document.

The fee per side of a page of a document will be $5.00.

The Clerk’s Endorsement page will be $20.  New York State’s Record Management fee will remain at $20.


A submitted one page document with the recording/cover page added at the time of recording will now be a total of $50.  plus any applicable cross reference fees. Compute your recording fee as follows:

Number of pages + one for the recording/cover page x $5.00
  + $20 for the County Clerk’s endorsement
  + $20 for NYS Records Management Fee
  + cross references @ $.50 each.
All additional fees for the filing of required forms [TP-584, RP-5217, Mortgage Tax Affidavit, etc.] to accompany documents will remain the same.

Fee Schedule