Pistol Permits

The Pistol Permit clerk is located at the Genesee County Clerk's Office, 15 Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, however we ask that any transaction be commenced prior to 4:45 pm. 


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To Apply for a Pistol Permit

You must be 21 years of age and must have been a Genesee County resident for at least one year to apply for a pistol permit.  Pistol permit application packets are available in the County Clerk's Office at a cost of $5.00 per packet.  The pistol permit application process is a multi-step process, so please read all instructions in the packet carefully.

Applicants are required to have attended a Handgun Safety Class to be completed through an NRA certified instructor.  You may sign up for the class available through the Genesee County Sheriff's Department at the time you submit your application. 

The fingerprint process is explained and completed after the completed application is submitted to our office.

Pistol Permit Fees

Application Packet $ 5.00
Submit Completed Application $ 20.00
Duplicate Permit $ 18.00 (Paper to Plastic)
$ 11.00 (Existing plastic card)
Amendments $ 3.00
Plastic Card Fee $ 3.00
Transfer Fee (into or out of County) $ 5.00 + $ 6.00
Pistol Permit Photo $ 7.00
Gun Dealer or Gunsmith License $ 10.00 each


When you come into our office to process a transaction, along with your pistol permit, we will require further identification, usually in the form of a driver’s license.  Please be advised, upon the sale of a handgun, you must come into our office within 30 days to complete the firearms license amendment removing the handgun from your permit.  NOTE:  All amendments must be completed in person by the permit holder. 

Registration of Handguns

Upon the purchase of a firearm, the licensee will bring the required proof of purchase to the Pistol Permit clerk in our office (please note: only the licensee can amend a pistol license -  a spouse, sibling, child, parent, etc. may not do this for you).  Required proof includes either a receipt from a licensed firearms dealer or a bill of sale from a private individual.  Please be certain to read the receipt over carefully making sure all information is correct and legible.  If we are unable to read the receipt we cannot process the amendment.

Buying a gun from an individual

When a gun is purchased from an individual, a dated bill of sale is required to add the pistol to the new owner’s permit.  The bill of sale must show both the buyer’s and seller’s names, addresses, permit numbers, and the counties that permits are in.  The gun must be described by make, model, caliber, action and serial number.  Once the handgun is registered with the pistol permit department in our office, it may be picked up by the buyer, and the seller has 30 days to come to the Pistol Permit Office to have the weapon removed from his/her permit.

Purchasing a gun from a dealer

When a gun is purchased from a dealer, the dealer receipt is required.  The receipt must show the buyer’s name, address, permit number, and the make, model, caliber, action and serial number of the gun.  The dealer’s name, address and New York State dealer number must also appear on the receipt.  Once the handgun is registered at our department, a purchase coupon will then be issued to the buyer, which allows him/her to pick up the weapon from the dealer.

There is a $3.00 charge for adding of a gun.

Co-Registration of a Weapon

Dual or co-registration of a weapon will only be permitted if both parties are Genesee County pistol permit holders.  Distinction will be made as to the primary owner and secondary holders of the weapon.  Please note that ownership remains with the primary owner with the secondary holder simply granted the right to carry and use that weapon. 


When a gun is sold to an individual, the seller needs to come into the Pistol Permit office and have it removed from his/her permit.  The buyer must provide the seller with a purchase coupon prior to delivery of the registered gun.  This coupon must then be provided to our department by the seller when removing the gun.

When a gun is sold to a dealer, the dealer receipt is required.  The receipt must show the seller’s name, address, permit number, and make, model, caliber, action and serial number of the gun.  On the receipt the dealer’s name, address, New York State dealer number and county that the dealership resides in must appear.

There is a $3.00 charge from the removal of a gun.


New York State Law requires that upon a permit holder’s death, the decedent’s estate must, within 15 days, turn over the decedent’s firearm(s) to another pistol permit holder; a licensed dealer; or the local police department.

The estate is also requested to notify the Genesee County Pistol Permit clerk of the permit holder’s passing, along with a copy of a death certificate and information about the disposition of the firearm(s), so that the license may be cancelled.


Name Change
A name change requires the permit holder to appear before the Pistol Permit clerk with proof of the new name in the form of a marriage certificate or Court Order.  A fee of $3.00 is charged to change the name on a pistol permit.

Address Change
A change of address requires the permit holder to notify the Pistol Permit clerk within 10 days of the change.  You may send a written notification to both our office and the Pistol Permit Bureau in Albany or come to our office in person with your permit to effect the change.  Please note that any address change must be changed on the permit holder's driver's license.  There is a $3.00 fee to change the address on the pistol permit.  Address changes cannot be taken over the phone.

Transfer to Different County
To transfer your pistol permit to another county, you must appear at the Pistol Permit office, requesting that your file be transferred to the new county.  If you move to a different county you are not required by law to transfer your pistol permit but you are required to change your address.  If you do transfer you pistol permit to a different county you will need to include a $5.00 check payable to the Genesee County Clerk, as well as a $6.00 check payable to the county where you will transferring your permit records.  The new county will contact you when they receive your file.

Move Out-Of-State
Firearms licensees who move out-of-state should voluntarily surrender their license, at which time the license would be suspended with possible reinstatement upon return to Genesee County, subject to investigation and current FBI fingerprint check.  However, if the permit holder moves out-of-state without notification, the pistol license will be deemed revoked and original application procedures would apply if individual wished to possess a New York State pistol permit.


You may obtain a duplicate pistol permit when your original permit is lost, stolen or mutilated.  We will prepare a duplicate when you appear at the pistol permit department with two (2) current passport-size photos (no older than 30 days); our office has the capability of taking these pictures for a fee of $10.00.  You must also provide a list of your guns which includes the make, caliber and serial number of each gun.  You will be given a duplicate information form to be filled out at our office when you come in.  YOU CANNOT CARRY A WEAPON WITHOUT A PERMIT.


From time to time, handguns are found in the county or brought into the county under circumstances that are not criminal in nature, such as finding a handgun among possessions of a deceased licensee or purchased/brought from another state.  Penal Law Section 400.05 requires destruction of weapons that are not properly registered.  Persons possessing such unlicensed handguns can be arrested, therefore, the weapon(s) should be turned into the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department for safe keeping and proper registration of the handgun can be obtained.  A procedure has been established to permit individuals a means of applying for a Certificate of Non-Destruction from the County Court.  Individuals can apply for this by either contacting the Pistol Permit Clerk or the sheriff’s Department.  Once a weapons check has been completed by the Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriff will submit his recommendation at which point, the Judge may sign the Certificate of Non-Destruction.  The individual will be contacted to complete the process by having the weapon registered on their permit or that of a licensed individual.


How many weapons am I allowed to have registered on my license?

The number of handguns permitted on a license is restricted to five (5) handguns.  If a permit holder wishes to register more than five handguns, an affidavit is available with the Pistol Permit clerk, by which the licensee may request up to an additional five handguns and approval to be determined by the Genesee County Clerk.  For any additional weapons beyond that, a request must be submitted to the Genesee County Judge for review.

Am I required to notify your office if I move?

Yes. You need to notify our office of a change of address within 10 days.

What if I have moved out of the County?

Again, notification within 10 days is required.  However, you have the option to either leave your records with Genesee County, or you may wish to have your records transferred to the county in which you now reside.

What if I move out of the State?

Your license is only valid in New York State.  Therefore, you should voluntarily surrender your license with possible reinstatement if you return to New York.  However, if you move out of state without notification, your pistol license will be deemed revoked and original application procedures would apply if you return.

What do I do if I have lost a weapon or think it was stolen?

If your weapon is Lost or Stolen, report it to the police immediately.  If the weapon is used in a crime, authorities will be knocking on your door as the registered owner of the gun.  It is recommended that you store your firearms locked up, trigger locked, and ammo separate from weapon.

I found a weapon while cleaning out the Attic, Basement, etc.  What do I do?

If you find a weapon you need to surrender the firearm to the appropriate authorities.  A Certificate of Non-Destruction can be completed and the Sheriff’s Department will run a weapons check and a recommendation will be submitted to the Judge for issuance of a Certificate at which time the firearm can be registered to a licensed permit holder.

I want to be able to carry my weapon whenever I want?

Genesee County pistol permit holders are authorized to possess a carry concealed permit ONLY for the purpose in which they applied for.  Issuance of a pistol permit is limited to hunting and sporting use, unless “proper cause” is determined for a special handgun license.

How can I upgrade my License to have Personal Protection?

You need to submit a written request to establish proper cause for issuing Personal Protection. You need to cite specific factors, concerns, events, or reasons for the upgrade. You should note that a mere desire to have Personal protection or a generalized concern may not be “proper cause” under the law. 

A permit holder may also apply for unrestricted status after holding a pistol permit for a period of 5 years without incident or arrest.  Simply fill out the form available in our office, after which we will review the file to ensure that all information is current and accurate, and advise you once the application has been granted.

How can I upgrade my License for the purpose of Employment?

You will need to submit a written request to establish a need for the upgrade.  Often, a letter from your employer, on company letterhead is also required.  A review of all relevant information bearing on the claimed need of the license shall be considered.

How do I register a weapon that I have purchased/bringing from another state?

When traveling to another state or bring a weapon into our state, we only recommend transfer of that weapon from a federal firearm dealer to a federal firearm dealer.  Otherwise, you need to check with each state you intend to travel through as to their pistol laws.  However, if you do travel here with it, you will need to turn the weapon into the Sheriff’s Office for safe-keeping until a Certificate of Non-Destruction can be completed and registered to a licensed individual.

NOTE:  Pistol permits cannot be laminated.

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Pistol Permit Department at 585-344-2550 extension 2264.