County Treasurer

Budget Highlights

  • NYS Retirement costs are largest cost increases in fringe benefit lines
  • $4,450 reduction in contracted accounting costs are from combining the County and Nursing Home independent audit contracts into one
  • There is a $60,000 increase in legal expenses, which fall under the contractual category above.  This increase is due to anticipated borrowing costs in 2013 for capital projects.  This should be a one time cost that won’t be in the 2014 budget
  • The transformation from the need of a contractor to our in-house project has been an extremely collaborative effort involving the RPTS, Planning and I.T. Departments, in conjunction with our GIS Consultants. This function is being handled very efficiently and will continue to provide a high quality product, which is essential to the use of the GIS systems throughout the County. It has afforded us the opportunity to perform tax map maintenance via our GIS system to the Orleans County Real Property Tax Department, providing added revenue to the County Treasurer’s Office