Court Information

Traffic violations (i.e. speeding tickets):
- City of Batavia:  traffic violations are prosecuted by an Assistant District Attorney.
- The Towns of Alexander, Batavia, Bergen, Byron, Darien, Elba, LeRoy, Pavilion, Pembroke Stafford and the Village of Corfu: Traffic violations are prosecuted by a Town Prosecutor who may be reached by writing to the Town Court. 
- All other Town Courts:  traffic violations are prosecuted by the Arresting Officer.

CourtJudgesDaysCourt Phone No.Prosecutors
County Court Hon. Robert C. Noonan M-F (9-5) (585) 344-2550 x2310** *
Alabama Town Hon. John Tauscher &
Hon. Patricia A. Buczek
Tuesday and Thursday (585) 948-8132

Melissa L. Cianfrini

Alexander Town Hon. Nicholas Falcone
Hon. James Orr 
Tuesday (585) 591-8165 Kevin T. Finnell
Batavia City Hon. Robert Balbick &
Hon. Durin Rogers
M-F (9-5) (585) 344-2550 x2418** Robert R. Zickl & William G. Zickl
Batavia Town Hon. Thomas Williams*** Tuesday (585) 343-1729** William G. Zickl
Batavia Town Hon. Michael Cleveland*** Monday (585) 343-1729** Melissa Cianfrini
Bergen Town

Hon. Joseph Nenni &    Hon. Robert Swapceinski

Wednesday (585) 494 1121** Kevin T. Finnell
Bethany Town Hon. Thomas McBride & Hon. William Shea Tuesday (585) 343-3325 William G. Zickl
Byron Town Hon. Daniel DiMatteo & Hon. Barbara Smith Monday (585) 548-7123 Kevin T. Finnell
Corfu Village Hon. David O'Connor Wednesday (585) 599-3380** Melissa Cianfrini
Darien Town Hon. Michelle Krzemien Thursday (585) 547-2274** Robert R. Zickl
Darien Town Hon. Gary Graber Tuesday (585) 547-2274** Robert R. Zickl
Elba Town Hon. Douglas King Wednesday (585) 757-9200 Robert R. Zickl
Elba Town Hon. Lois Petote Tuesday (585) 757-9200 Robert R. Zickl
Leroy Town

Hon. Darryl Sehm*** & Hon. Michael Welsh***

Monday and Wednesday (585) 768-6910** Kevin T. Finnell
Oakfield Town Hon. Thomas Graham & Hon. Randy Baker Monday (585) 948-5835 William G. Zickl
Pavilion Town

Hon. Philip Werner

Tuesday (585) 584-3850       Kevin T. Finnell
Pembroke Town Hon. David M. O’Connor Tuesday    (585) 599-4817** Robert R. Zickl
Pembroke Town Hon. Edwin Mileham, Jr. Thursday (585) 599-4817** Robert R. Zickl
Stafford Town Hon. Robert Penepent Thursday (585) 344-1554** Melissa Cianfrini
Stafford Town Hon. Brenda Mancuso Tuesday (585) 344-1554**

Melissa Cianfrini

***Most Town and Village Courts hold court sessions in the evening, with the exception of the following:

1.            Town and Village of Leroy: Court proceedings are conducted on first and third Monday afternoon for Penal Law violations, all Vehicle and Traffic matters are scheduled on Monday nights for first appearances only.
2.            Town of Darien:  Judge Davis conducts Court proceedings on the third Wednesday of the month,   in the morning, otherwise Court proceedings are held on Tuesday night.
3.            Town of Batavia:  Judge Williams conducts Court proceedings on the third Tuesday of the month for all felony and misdemeanor charges, in the afternoon, otherwise Court proceedings are held on Thursday.
4.            Town of Alabama:  Initial appearances are held on Tuesday evenings.  Any misdemeanor or felony  prosecutions are then held on the first Thursday afternoon.

** A Court Clerk is available during the daytime on most days.
* All of the prosecutors in the office handle cases in County court.  

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman prosecutes felonies arising out of the City of Batavia, all Arson cases and some of the other more serious felony cases from throughout the County. 

William G. Zickl also prosecutes felony Violations of Probation and all felony firearm crimes.

Assistant District Attorneys Robert R. Zickl, William G. Zickl, Kevin T. Finnell, and Melissa L. Cianfrini prosecute most of the felony charges in County Court that arise out of their respective town and village courts.