Motor Vehicle Office


Additional License Information

Renewing a Driver's License or Non-Driver ID Card

Medical Conditions of a Driver and Accident Re-examination

License Fees

  • Amendment: $12.50
  • Renew Operator's D or DJ: *$64.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renew Class E: *$112.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renew CDL License: *$164.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renewing any license with a Motorcycle Endorsement: Add $8.00
  • Original Class D, DJ, M or MJ Permit: *$64.25 - $110.00 (Based on age at date of application.) Avg. cost for a 16 year old DJ permit is *$92.50
  • Adding Motorcycle Endorsement to current valid license - Permit: $23.50
  • Add motorcycle endorsement after permit: $12.50
  • Duplicate Driver's License or Permit: $17.50
  • Non-Driver ID Card: $ 9.00 to $10.00 (short-term ID)  or $13.00 to $14.00 (long-term ID)  Reduced Fee ID Cards $6.50 for 62 or older or SSI receipants (must provide proof of SSI benefit)
  • Duplicate ID Card: $8.00 (or $6.50 if reduced fee applies)
  • Transferring from another state: Avg. cost *$55.00 (operator's license); *$117.50 (commercial driver's license)  
  • Abstract: $10.00
  • Upgrade to an Enhanced License $30 plus $12.50 NYS Photo Fee, Total $42.50 (This fee does not include off cycle renewal charge.)

*Additional MCTD (Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District) fees are not reflected in this schedule.  If you live in the counties of; Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, or Suffolk the fees will be adjusted $1.00 for each 6 month interval of the documents valid period.  All fees may be adjusted as set forth in the V&T Law.

Moving in From Another State (Reciprocity)

If you are coming into New York State from another state or Canada and your license has been in effect for 6 months and is not expired more than 1 year, you may apply for a New York State driver's license. You must have your out-of-state photo driver's license, original social security card and at least 2 additional points of identification from form ID-44  (pdf 170 kb). You will need to present an original or certified birth certificate issued by a Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics or US State Department. (Hospital birth certificates are NOT acceptable.) You must pass an eye test and surrender your out-of-state photo driver's license.

License/Permit/NDID Amendments

If you are trying to change or amend your name, physical description, date of birth or the restrictions on your permit, driver's license or non-driver's ID card, you must come to a Motor Vehicle office in person with your current document and proof of the change that is to be made. A certified marriage certificate, a certified copy of court order of name change or certified birth certificate would be required. A name change requires a new photo.

If Your Photo Document is Lost or Stolen

To replace your driver license, learner permit, or non-driver photo ID card you can: Apply at our Motor Vehicle Office by completing form MV-44  (pdf 263 kb). Bring proof of identity that has a value of six points to get a duplicate of your driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card. Refer to form ID-44 (pdf 170 kb) for point values of identification. If your driver license or your learner permit was lost or stolen because of a crime: Get form MV-78B from a police agency. This form is available only from police agencies, not from the DMV. Make a photocopy of the form for your records. Complete the license application form MV-44 (pdf 263 kb). Bring formMV-44 (pdf 263 kb) and the original form MV-78B to a DMV office. Show your proof of identity from form ID-44 (pdf 170 kb). There is no fee to replace your driver license or your learner permit if the MV-78B shows that the document was stolen. Note: You cannot fraudulently use form MV-78B to replace a non-driver photo ID card for no fee.

Duplicate License/Permits, Non Driver ID, Drivers Abstract

You may apply for Duplicate Driver's Licenses, Permits, Non-Driver ID or a Driver's Abstract in person at the Motor Vehicle office. You will be required to present 6 points of identification from form ID-44 (pdf 170 kb) or the staff will retrieve your image from our files if an image is available for you.