Emergency Management Services

Training Announcements



The Genesee County Emergency Support Unit 
Is Recruiting Qualified Candidate
To fill a limited number of Openings

Candidates must have completed the following courses:
Firefighter I or equivalent
Hazardous Materials Technician
- or -
Rescue Technician Basic

If you are interested in joining this specialized team
Submit a letter of recommendation from your department chief and
a personal resume to:

Genesee County Emergency Management Office
7690 State Street Road
Batavia, NY  14020

All successful applicants must complete an OSHA physical.




This course prepares new firefighters to operate under direct supervision in the exterior or non-IDLH areas of the fire scene.  Students participate in training covering firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), self-contained breathing apparatus inspection and cylinder changing, fire department communications, building construction and fire behavior, modern fire control research, portable fire extinguishers, rope and knot tying, ground ladders, forcible entry, tactical-ventilation theory, water supply, hose and fire streams, loss control, orientation to fire origin and cause determination, fire prevention and life safety initiatives, confined space awareness, overview of first aid and buddy care, and Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations.  

WHEN:                  Tuesday          Aug. 15  2017           7:00P -10:00 P                
                                    Tuesday         Aug. 29, 2017           7:00P-10:00 P                   
                                    Thursday       Aug. 31, 2017          7:00P-10:00 P                    
                                     Tuesday         Sept. 5, 2017            7:00P-10:00 P                          
                                     Thursday       Sept. 7, 2017           7:00P-10:00 P                    
                                     Tuesday          Sept. 12, 2017       7:00P-10:00 P                     
                                     Thursday       Sept. 14, 2017        7:00P-10:00 P                    
                                     Tuesday          Sept. 19, 2017        7:00P-10:00 P                    
                                     Thursday        Sept. 21, 2017        7:00P-10:00 P                   
                                     Saturday         Sept. 23, 2017        8:00A- 2:30 P                     
                                     Tuesday           Sept. 26, 2017        7:00P-10:00 P                    
                                    Thursday         Sept. 28, 2017        7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Tuesday            Oct.   3, 2017            7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Thursday          Oct.   5, 2017           7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Tuesday              Oct. 10, 2017        7:00P-1000 P                                 
                                    Thursday          Oct. 12, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Saturday           Oct. 14, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Tuesday             Oct. 17, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Thursday           Oct. 19, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Tuesday             Oct. 24, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                     Thursday          Oct. 26, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                     Monday            Oct. 30, 2017         7:00P-10:00 P
                                    Thursday           Nov. 2, 2017           6:00P-10:00P


                                     7690 State Street Road 
                                      Batavia, NY  14020

INSTRUCTOR:       G. Patnode


~Call or e-mail the Fire Training Center to register for this course.~
585-344-0078 or jeanette.diehl@co.genesee.ny.us



This course provides information and skills to adequately perform basic vertical rope rescue techniques in an urban/suburban environment.  While many of the techniques and skills taught in this program are applicable to the wilderness environment this is not the intent of this program.  The overall objective is to improve rescuer awareness of the safety concerns at rope rescue situations and to develop basic skills in rappelling and high angle rescue systems.  Topics include safety orientation, risk assessment, equipment, basic rappelling and ascending, anchoring, belaying, mechanical advantage, patient packaging, incident management, skills evaluation and testing. 

WHEN:                        Sat.              Sept. 16, 2017                     8a-4p
                                         Sun .            Sept. 17, 2017                      8a-4p
                                         Sat.               Sept. 23, 2017                     8a-4p
                                         Sun.              Sept. 24, 2017                     8a-4p 

WHERE:                     Genesee County Fire Training Center
                                          7690 State Street Road
                                           Batavia, NY  14020

  INSTRUCTOR:       NYS Fire Protection Specialist Dave Harrington        


PREREQUISITES:    Rescue Technician - Basic or equivalent

~Call or e-mail the Fire Training Center to register for this course.~
585-344-0078 or jeanette.diehl@co.genesee.ny.us



This course is designed for the individual who may assume a supervisory/management roll in expanding (Type 3) incidents.  Participants may include senior personnel from emergency management, fire service, law enforcement, EMS, healthcare, education, military and volunteer organizations active in a disaster.

The course is designed to enable personnel to operate efficiently during an incident or event within the Incident Command System.  Topics include ICS fundamental review, incident assessment and objectives, Unified Command, incident resource management, planned process, demobilization, transfer of command and closeout. 

WHEN:                            Monday              November 27, 2017                8A-5P
                                              Tuesday              November 28, 2017                 8A-5P
                                              Wednesday      November 29, 2017                 8A-5P

WHERE:                           Genesee County Fire Training Center
                                               7690 State Street Road
                                                Batavia, NY  14020

INSTRUCTOR;              Tom Wutz

COURSE LENGTH;    24 Hrs. 

PREREQUISITE:          ICS-200

`Call or e-mail the Fire Training Center~
585-344-0078 or jeanette.diehl@co.genesee.ny.us