Community Service

As an instrument of Justice, Community Service helps an offender restore his or her standing in the Community. By allowing them to make positive connections, the offender will become a productive member of society. According to New York State law, a judge may sentence an offender to perform unpaid community services as a condition of probation, or as a requirement of a conditional discharge.

An individual is referred to Genesee Justice by a Town/City/Village/County Court. An interview is conducted to verify medical/legal history. The individual is then placed at an appropriate agency. The assigned agency supervisor notifies Genesee Justice of any problems, or when the community service obligation is completed. Genesee Justice then notifies the Court of the individual’s progress or completion.

The Benefits of Community Service

Offender Benefits:

  • Allows offenders to keep family ties and still earn a living
  • Offers a non-monetary means for those unable to pay fines or penalties.
  • Offenders gain work experience, skills and training which may be unavailable by normal means.
  • Aids the offenders in developing a positive work ethic, self confidence and interpersonal skills.

Public Benefits:

  • Saves taxpayers money by reducing jail costs
  • Provides needed services to the community
  • Makes services available to communities and citizens

Ongoing benefits to Genesee County through 2006:

  • Hours of work performed:  380,436
  • Savings to non-profit agencies:  $1,902,180 ($5 per CS hour rate)
  • Jail days saved:  121,467
  • Savings to taxpayers and non-profit organizations:  $8,773,300