DWI Conditional Discharge Program

The threshold for a charge of DWI in New York State is .08% blood alcohol content (BAC). While the individual drinking may firmly believe they are in control of the situation and that they have their “wits about them”, the FACT is that even this small amount of liquor distorts vision and hinders reflexes. That can be a fatal combination.

The DWI Conditional Discharge Program was established to provide first-time offenders, with BAC’s below .18%, the opportunity to participate in a supervised 12 month conditional discharge.

Over the 12 month period the offender will be required to comply with their court ordered conditions while being supervised by Genesee Justice.

Conditions may include:

  • Reporting to Genesee Justice
  • Obtaining an alcohol and substance abuse evaluation
  • Following treatment recommendations
  • Performing community service
  • Attending a Victim Impact Panel
  • Completing the Drinker Driver Program (DDP)
  • Viewing an educational video
  • Submitting an essay

Minimum Cost of a DWI

The following expenditures are the minimum one can expect to pay for their first DWI:

Attorney Fee:  If one is not eligible for a public defender, they can expect to pay @ least $ 2500.00 for a defense attorney

Court Fines:  The Court can impose a fine between $500-$1,000

Everyone charged with a DWI must obtain an alcohol & substance abuse evaluation. The range for this service for someone without insurance can cost $77-$150. In the event that the clinic recommends the person for treatment, they can expect to pay another $67 average per visit. So someone who is recommended for Phase I must attend 24 classes x $ 67 a visit = $1608.00

The Victim Impact Panel is another condition of a DWI/CD. The fee for attendance is $60

When charged with a DWI, one can inevitably expect to lose their license. Unless they plan on staying confined to their home for the next 6 months to a year, they will need to obtain a Conditional License. The Conditional License has driving restrictions and costs $75

To restore one’s full driving privileges they will need to complete the DDP course, which runs for 7 weeks and costs $225

Once the DDP course is completed one may apply for their full license which costs between $25 - $50

Before one can drive again, they will learn that their premium insurance company has dropped them and they must obtain insurance with a high risk company. The insurance will also inflate $2500 a year.

They can then come home to find a bill from Albany for the NYS driver assessment fee for $750

So is the minimum cost of a DWI, which according to these expenditures would cost one approximately $8300.00….. is it worth it? This obviously does not take into consideration the potential risk to self and others, with a cost that cannot be calculated.