Environmental Health

The Environmental Health division provides a wide variety of services essential to the health, and well being, of all Genesee County Residents.  Service areas include: public water supply protection, community sanitation and food protection, private water and sewage disposal systems, realty subdivision plan review, public health nuisances, residential lead investigations, chemical emergencies, rabies investigations, and enforcement of both the Adolescent Tobacco Use and Prevention Act (ATUPA) and the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA).  The Environmental Health division also operates multiple anti-rabies immunization clinics, annually, to administer vaccine to domestic animals, including: cats, dogs & ferrets, in order to reduce the spread of the potentially life threatening disease.  Staff members participate at a variety of informational venues to provide outreach and education to the community.   






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Environmental Fee Schedule

Effective: January 1, 2016  


Forms, Guidelines & Applications

 Many of the links in this section will open a document in .pdf format. You will need to have a pdf reader installed such as Adobe Reader. It is available for free download.

Environmental Fees
Genesee County Environmental Health Fees  (pdf 43kb)

Public Water Supply Protection

Drinking Water Protection Program - NYSDOH Guidance

Plan Review Determination Schedule (pdf 29kb)
PWS Improvement Application DOH-348 (pdf 33kb)


Community Sanitation & Food Protection

Application for Permit to Operate   (pdf 287kb) 

Bathing Beaches - NYS Sanitary Code (pdf 216kb)
Campgrounds - NYS Sanitary Code (pdf 359kb)
Children's Camps - NYS Sanitary Code (pdf 342kb)
Construct, Enlarge or Convert a Facility - Notice of Intent (pdf 41kb)
Food Safety - Federal Guidance
Food Safety for Volunteer Workers (pdf 790kb)
Food Safety - NYSDOH Guidance
Food Sampling - Guidance (pdf 54kb)
Food Service Establishments - Checklist for New or Remodeled (pdf 50kb) 
Food Service Establishments - NYS Sanitary Code (pdf 434kb)
E. coli Fact Sheet (pdf 23kb)
Hand Washing - NYS Approved Method (pdf 60kb)
Mobile Food Operation Plan Checklist (pdf 8kb)
Plan Review Determination Schedule (pdf 29kb)
Recreational Water Illnesses - CDC Guidance
Servsafe for Managers - National Restaurant Association
Servsafe for Food Handler - National Restaurant Association
Servsafe for Food Handler Requirements by State - National Restaurant Association
Swimming Pools - NYS Sanitary Code (pdf 280kb)
Temporary Food Services Establishment  (pdf 871kb) (Requires 2 copies)
Worker's Compensation Exemption Application (pdf 440kb)
Private Water & Sewage Disposal Systems 
Application for Sewage Disposal Construction Permit (pdf 58kb)
Percolation Test Form Instructions (pdf 16kb) 
Percolation Test Request Form (pdf 30kb)

Plan Review Determination Schedule  (pdf 29kb)

Septic/Water Guidelines for Genesee County (pdf 13kb) 

Septic/Water Request for Service ( pdf 21kb
Land Application of Organic Waste / Domestic Septage - Fact Sheet (pdf 439kb)

Water Line Sampling Request for Service ( pdf 21kb)

Water Sampling Service Packages (pdf 25kb)
Water Wells - NYS Standards (pdf 171kb)
Water Wells - Disinfection (pdf 233kb)
Realty Subdivision Plan Review
Plan Review Determination Schedule (pdf 29kb)  
Public Health Nuisances
Cockroaches - NYSDOH Guidance (pdf 538kb)
Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality - NYSDOH Guidance
Mold & Mildew - Prevention Guidance
Mosquitoes - NYSDOH Guidance (pdf 218kb)
Tick & Insect Repellents - NYSDOH Advisory (pdf 140kb)
Ticks & Lyme Disease - NYSDOH Guidance
West Nile FAQ - NYSDOH Guidance (pdf 159kb)
Residential Lead Investigations
Lead in Drinking Water (pdf 37kb) 
Lead in Your Home:  A Parent's Reference Guide - EPA Guidance (pdf 2,066kb) 
Lead Paint Removal - NYSDOH Guidance ( pdf 138kb)
Lead Protection - EPA Guidance (pdf 675kb)
Sources of Lead - NYSDOH Guidance
Chemical Emergencies
Dangers of Radon
Radon Detector Order Form (pdf 110kb) 
Tobacco Enforcement
Clean Indoor Air Act - NYSDOH Guidance (pdf 103kb)
Clean Indoor Air Act - NYSDOH Guidance for Employers (pdf 102kb)
Clean Indoor Air Act - NYSDOH Guidance for Restaurants & Bars (pdf 103kb) 
Clean Indoor Air Act Waiver Guidelines (pdf 48kb)

Clean Indoor Air Act Waiver Application (pdf 215kb)

Regulations of Smoking in Public & Work Places  - NYSDOH Guidance

Rabies Investigations
Rabies Awareness 
Rabies - NYS Guidance
Anti-Rabies Vaccination Clinics

2015 Anti-Rabies Clinics for Domestic Animals (pdf 169kb)

Anti-Rabies Pet Pre-Registration

Miscellaneous Information
Third Policy Audits Policy (pdf 31kb)

Application for Public Access to FOIL Records (pdf 16kb) 
Community Service Information (pdf 713kb)
Health & Safety in the Home, Workplace & Outdoors - NYSDOH Guidance

Home Safety Checklist (pdf 1,592kb)

Mesothelioma / Asbestos

Legionellosis (pdf 67.4kb)


For more information about these and other programs please call

(585) 344-2580, ext. 5555, Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.





For after hours rabies emergencies please call

the Genesee County Sheriff's Department at (585) 343-5000.