Green Genesee / Smart Genesee


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Green Genesee Smart Genesee is a science-based/community-led sustainable land use planning project (Green Genesee) that can be used as a tool for strengthening comprehensive planning and land use regulations (Smart Genesee) in Genesee County. The purpose of this project is to secure a resilient natural environment, a vibrant economy and a high quality of life for our children today and their children tomorrow.

Genesee County, like most areas across the U.S., faces challenges that call for decisive action and innovation. A growing economy, rising cost of energy, fragmentation of natural resources, and shifting economic opportunities require definitive action right now. An intact ecosystem and wise energy use comprise the only foundation upon which true sustainable growth is achieved.

Most communities do not have sufficient funds to support the comprehensive planning necessary to achieve sustainable growth and protection from unmanaged sprawl, high energy costs and loss of agricultural resources and environmental health. The good news…the Green Genesee/Smart Genesee Project has secured funds that make it possible to create a "Greener", "Smarter" Genesee County and provide a community sustainability planning model that can be used across New York State!