Phase II - Resiliency Plan

Phase II - Resiliency Planning

GGSG Logo for Reports  Welcome to Phase II of Green Genesee/Smart Genesee
Resiliency Planning!

The Countywide Resiliency Plan is Phase II of the Green Genesee/Smart Genesee project. The Resiliency Plan will include the following key elements:
  • Identification of key assets in the County, risk assessments of those assets, and identification of best practices to protect key assets
  • Community vision for resiliency in Genesee County
  • Identification and prioritization of potential projects to improve resiliency in Genesee County
  • Implementation strategies and conceptual project design
Upcoming Meetings:
 Prelim Schedule March 20
Tentative Schedule

Meetings will be held between 1-3pm at the GCEDC Innovation Center
unless otherwise specified

Leadership Team Meetings:

  February 13, 2020  Resiliency Vision/Public Engagement 
  March 12, 2020 Public Informational Meeting - Go Art - 5-7pm 
  April 9, 2020 Adaptation/Schedule Update - ONLINE MEETING
  June 18, 2020 Inventory/Baseline Data/BMPs 
  September 10, 2020         Issues Analysis/Vulnerability Assessments/Projects/Strategies 
  November 12, 2020 Recommendations/Project Ranking 
  February 3, 2021 Draft Plan Review Discussion/Implementation 
  March 2021                      Public Open House [DAY/TIME/LOCATION TBD] 

Public Workshops:

  September 13, 2020        Stormwater and Flood Hazards 
  September 27, 2020 Water Supply and Management 
  October 18, 2020 Natural Resources and Agriculture 
  November 1, 2020 Energy 

Dates and times will be reviewed at Leadership Team Meetings