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Buyer Resources

Buyer Resources
Each Department is responsible for obtaining quotes, letting the Purchasing Department know of specific vendors to notify of bidding opportunities, and identifying contracts for use in purchases. 

The Purchasing Department is here to help with this process, provide additional information, and ensure that all Purchasing Policies and Procedures are adhered to.  Here are some resources to further aid in that process.

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Office supplies must be bought off of either state or municipal contract!  We have several options...here are a few:

Office Depot
Christina Padilla, christina.padilla@officedepot.com

Staples Advantage
Patrick Grimaldi, patrick.grimaldi@staples.com

W.B. Mason
Kelsey Gorcica, kelsey.gorcica@wbmason.com

Eaton Office Supply
Tim Garlock, tgarlock@eatonofficesupply.com

Are you buying Office Furniture?  
It has to be on state or municipal contract in order to purchase without putting out a bid.  Here are three vendors that can help you out with that!

Bill Sweetland
LB's Furniture Solutions, LLC
(585) 732-0505

Fred Morse
W.B. Mason

Timothy Garlock
Eaton Office Supply, Inc.