Central Services/Purchasing

Current Bid Results

Genesee County has not checked the tabulation for errors or made determination that any bids meet the requirements. The County makes no claim that these are anything other than the prices extended and read aloud at the public bid opening.

2022 or 2023 Mobile Clinic RV, Bid 2022-13

Garbage/Refuse/Recycling, Bid 2022-11

Phase 2 Water Supply Contracts Existing Pump Stations 4A General & 4B Electrical , Bid 2022-12

Genesee County Jail Restoration, Bid 2022-10

Highway Fuel Products, Bid 2022-08

Sodium Chloride for Snow and Ice Removal, Bid 2022-09

South Lyon Street over Tonawanda Creek Bridge Replacement Project, Bid 2022-01

Emergency Vehicle Equipment and Installation, Bid 2022-07

Cartage of Voting Machines, Bid 2022-06

Printing of Election Supplies, Bid 2022-05

Construction & Maintenance Materials - Highway Department, Bid 2022-04

Construction of Genesee County Jail, Bid 2022-02

Replacement of Darien-Alexander Townline Road over Tannery Brook Bid 2021-16

Automated Sample Processing Equipment Bid 2021-17

Well C Building & Site Bid 2021-13

Wastewater COVID Surveillance Equipment for Genesee & Orleans Counties, Bid 2021-15

Albion Road Cap Beam Replacement Bid 2021-14

Repair & Maintenance of Elevators Bid 2021-12

Golden Road Pump Station, Bid 2021-11

Sodium Hypochlorite Injection Buildings, Bid 2021-10

Village of Oakfield Water Storage Tank, Bid 2021-09

Hundredmark Road Bridge, Bid 2021-08

Airport Tug, Bid 2021-07 

Work Clothing and Uniforms Bid 2021-06

Pavement Markings, Bid 2021-05

Sign Shop Materials, Bid 2021-04

Apron Construction Project, Bid 2021-03

Well C Project, Bid 2021-02

Highway Materials, Bid 2021-01

Airport Fuel Equipment, Bid 2020-18

3 Bridge NY Projects, Bid 2020-17

Airport Line Service, Bid 2020-16

Animal Shelter Improvements, Bid 2020-15

Radio Tower Fencing, Bid 2020-14

8 Bay T-Hangar, Bid 2020-13

Steel Bridge Decking, Bid 2020-12

Sodium Chloride for Snow and Ice Removal, Bid 2020-11
Video of Bid Opening

Judge Road Bridge, Bid 2020-10

Highway Materials, Bid 2020-09

Excavator, Bid 2020-08

Large Format Printer, Bid 2020-07

Upton Road Bridge, Bid 2020-06

Sheet Piling, Bid 2020-05

Airport Storage Building, Bid 2020-04

Hangar Demolition, Bid 2020-03

Sheriff's Vehicles, Bid 2020-02- No Bids Received

JCAC Cleaners, Bid 2020-01- No Bids Received

Air Compressor, Bid 2019-18

Excavator, Bid 2019-17

Road Widener, Bid 2019-16

Desktop Scanners, Bid 2019-1

Law Enforcement Vehicles, Bid 2019-13- No Bids Received

Sodium Chloride for Snow and Ice Removal, Bid 2019-11

Aluminum Ramp Parts, Bid 2019-10

Paratransit Preschool Services, Bid 2019-09

Group 3A Bridges and Culverts, Bid 2019-08

Cedar Street Tower Improvements, Bid 2019-07- Rejected

2018 Wheel Loader, Bid 2019-06

Vallance Road WM, Bid 2019-03

Preventative Bridge Maintenance Painting, Bid 2019-05

Group 3 Bridges and Culverts, Bid 2019-04

Construction Materials, Bid 2019-02