Central Services/Purchasing

Department Description & Mission


The mission of Central Services is to provide all County Departments with centralized services to promote cost effective and efficient business practices as well as a safe and healthy work environment.  


The Central Services Department administers the purchasing function for Genesee County. This includes the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, and services.

Central Services assures that the County is provided with the highest quality goods and services in the most cost-effective way possible. We achieve this by utilizing the Sealed Bid, Request For Proposal and Quoting procedures. While Central Services does not provide services directly to the public, the use of good procurement practices and the wise expenditure of taxpayers dollars indirectly benefits all.

The Purchasing Division operates in accordance with New York State Procurement Law 103 and 104b and the monetary values established by the Genesee County Legislature. 

Purchasing also has the responsibility for verification that a requested item is a true sole source, has no reasonable equivalent and is in fact available from one source. In the case of an emergency, county or departmental, Purchasing has the responsibility to facilitate the process and ensure that statutory criteria are met.

In summary, the Genesee County Purchasing Department has many roles. Some of these are providing end users with expertise on the procurement process; serving as an advisor and assisting management and county departments in budget questions, planning projects, making lease-or-buy decisions and providing knowledge of legal requirements; a decision maker that must achieve the appropriate balance between quality, total cost, timeliness, control, accountability, organizational budgetary constraints and politics; and acting as a monitor ("watch-dog-agency") of county purchases to ensure procurement laws and county policies are met. Finally, Purchasing manages central services providing the services of mail, printing, courier and graphics to other county departments.

Printing and Mail
Central Services Printing and Mail Division provides typesetting, consultation and forms design, postal service, bindery and interoffice courier service for county departments. This Division acts as the county's central supply source for bond and computer paper. Establishes schedule for inter-office delivery of mail, paper and miscellaneous items. Provides daily collection at each county location through the use of a part-time Courier Service. Coordinates design, order of business cards for county departments on an as needed basis. Coordinates the United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery/shipments for county departments.

Custodians and Cleaners
Central Services is home to the custodial and cleaning crew for Genesee County.  Our crew cleans 12 county buildings, to include daily cleaning as well as regularly scheduled cleaning tasks, such as floor waxing and window washing.  We take pride in the high standards that are maintained by our staff, and schedule in special tasks as required to ensure a clean and healthy environment for all county employees as well as members of the public that utilize our buildings.

Finally, Central Services has been assigned the responsibility of the inventory control and appraisal of County property for purposes of fixed assets. We are responsible for the storage, disposal of surplus, obsolete, defective county equipment and material through the use of a public bidding process and auction.