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Procurement Card

Procurement Card

The P-Card is a credit card that is issued to select Genesee County personnel who routinely buy commodities for their departments, or who are required to travel in their position.  

The card can be used for purchases under $1000, in accordance with the Purchasing policies and procedures set forth by Genesee County.

Use of the P-Card saves money for the County by alleviating the need for invoices for small commodities and travel, thereby saving the county costs for labor and supplies.  The vendors receive immediate payment, and the County has a way to track and audit small purchases.

The P-Card Policy and Procedure Handbook is distributed to all P-Card holders, and the Purchasing Department provides training to all new card holders, and support to all current card holders to ensure legal and ethical use of the cards.

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New Feature!  Now you can set up alerts on your P-Card!  Here's how:
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