County Clerk

Beware of Deed Scam

Genesee County Clerk, Michael T. Cianfrini advises property owners to beware of a spreading deed copy scam. Property owners may receive a mail or e-mail solicitation offering to do the research and secure a certified copy of the deed to their real estate for a fee of $50 to $60. One of the companies offering to do this is "New York Retrieval, Inc." You can obtain that same certified copy from the County Clerk’s Office for $5 to $10 depending upon the length of the deed. If you desire just a plain (uncertified copy) the fee will be between $2 and $5. If you receive a solicitation such as this either notify the County Clerk or just discard it. If you would like a copy of your deed, you can write, call or stop by the County Clerk’s Office. It only takes a few minutes to obtain the copy.