County Clerk

Motor Vehicle Office

Driver's Licenses:
Administers tests for all categories of drivers licenses including operator, commercial motorcycle, hazmat, etc. Issues learner's permits, schedules road tests examinations, eye test examinations, photographs, issues & renews driver and non-driver licenses/identification cards, registers voters, etc.

As of June 1, 1995, we process transactions involving suspension and/or revocation proceedings with the issuance of conditional and restricted licenses, scheduling of classes for driver improvement, etc. Collect appropriate fines for the above and civil penalties for insurance lapse problems.

Motor Vehicle Registrations:
Issues & renews registrations and license plates for all classes of vehicles including: passenger, commercial, motorcycle, motor homes, ATV, snowmobile, boat, farm, agricultural, official vehicles, taxi & limousine, livery, bus, special purpose vanity plates, all New York Sports teams, regional plates, colleges, medical doctors, county clerk special plates, etc.

Sales Tax:
Collects all sales tax on motor vehicle sale transactions as the agent for the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. 

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles