County Treasurer

2021 Budget Accomplishments

  • Foreclosed on properties owing the 2018 tax. The auction was held online only this year. The auction netted approximately $76,407. There are still a few properties with outstanding 2018 taxes that are currently on hold due to State law related to COVID. Those properties are stayed through January of 2022. 
  • Successfully completed 2020 calendar year audit with independent auditing firm Freed, Maxick & Battaglia. The County received an unqualified opinion and was notified that the County’s financial operations are run very well.
  • The County maintained a bond rating of AA- from S&P Rating Agency.
  • Refunded existing debt to take advantage of the low interest rate environment. Anticipated net savings from the refunding are over $390,000. 
  • At the request of the Town of Stafford, the Treasurer’s Office collected their 2021 tax bills during the Town’s collection period.
  • Continued to support all of the local assessors in carrying out their assessment duties.  Supported the City of Batavia and the Towns of Alexander, Batavia, Bergen, Bethany, Byron, Darien, Elba, Oakfield, and Pembroke with annual assessment update duties for the 2021 assessment rolls. Continued collaboration with IT to house countywide assessment data for the entire county.
  • Worked with the assessors to implement a new website to host assessment date, called PROS, to replace the OARS website. Continued maintenance of online assessment data sources including Parcel History Database (PHD) and GIS.
  • The Real Property Division has continued the tax map maintenance contract with the Orleans County Real Property Department to perform the tax map maintenance of over 22,000 parcels in Orleans County.