County Treasurer

Key 2021 Goals

  • Despite delays due to COVID-19, the Treasurer’s Office is still working on moving forward with the tax foreclosure auction with delinquent parcels from 2018, keeping with the annual schedule of tax foreclosures.  Barring any new restrictions put into place by the State, the auction will hopefully take place in 2021.
  • Continue working with Three+One to maximize the County’s interest earnings.
  • Continue to work with the Town Clerks who are utilizing the online tax payments and make this available to any other towns that are interested in setting this service up for their residents.
  • Perform tax collection for the Town of Stafford at the Town’s request.
  • Continue to support municipalities with their annual assessment projects.
  • Continue the in-house maintenance of the County’s tax maps and continue the collaborative effort with Orleans County Real Property in regards to the tax map maintenance contract.
  • Support the continued development of the GIS site.
  • Continued support of the online assessment information that has been made available to the public. The availability of this information, which ranges from assessment and inventory data of all real property, tax bill information, deed owner data, to tax maps, has alleviated traffic in our Department and phone calls, as the public and professionals have found this data to be easily attained via their homes or offices.
  • Continue to support and maintain the virtual desktops and server which houses all of Genesee County’s assessment data.
  • The State is currently working with Tyler Technologies to implement a completely new software to replace RPSv4, which has been dubbed ACES (Assessment Community Enterprise System).  There have been a number of delays in the process, but the project is still moving forward.  We will continue to monitor the development of this software along with the local assessors to determine the best time to convert from RPSv4 to ACES.