Motor Vehicle Office

Courts in Genesee County




Phone Number

City of Batavia City Court Judge Durin Rogers 585-201-5764
  City Court Judge Andrea Clattenberg 585-201-5764
Town of Alabama Town Justice Jeffrey Tauscher 585-948-5835
  Town Justice Vivian Williams 585-948-5835
Town of Alexander Town Justice Nicholas Falcone 585-591-2455 ext 201
  Town Justice Troy Robbins 585-591-2455 ext 201
Town of Batavia Town Justice Lisa Funke 585-343-1729 ext 216
  Town Justice Andrew Young 585-343-1729 ext 216
Town of Bergen Town Justice Robert Swapceinski 585-494-1121
  Town Justice Vincent Pulcini 585-494-1121
Town of Bethany Town Justice Joseph Nowakowski 585-343-1399 ext 507
  Town Justice Jeffrey Wolak 585-343-1399 ext 507
Town of Byron Town Justice Acting Robert Mattice 585-548-7123 ext 18
Town of Darien Town Justice Michele Krzemien 585-547-2274 ext 1020
  Town Justice David Overhoff 585-547-2274 ext 1020
Town of Elba Town Justice Anthony Zambito 585-948-5835 ext 2
  Town Justice E. Douglas King 585-948-5835 ext 2
Town of LeRoy Town Justice Thomas Feeley 585-768-6910 ext 236
  Town Justice Robert Jackson 585-768-6910 ext 236
Town of Oakfield Town Justice Randy Baker 585-948-5835 
  Town Justice Thomas Graham 585-948-5835 
Town of Pavilion Town Justice Philip Werner 585-768-6910
  Town Justice Lawrence Dagan 585-768-6910
Town of Pembroke Town Justice Edwin Mileham Jr. 585-599-4817 ext 210
  Town Justice David O'Connor 585-599-4817 ext 210
Town of Stafford Town Justice Robert Penepent 585-344-4020 ext 3
  Town Justice Robert Mattice 585-344-4020 ext 3
Village of Corfu Village Justice David O'Connor 585-599-3380