Motor Vehicle Office

Insurance Information

Insurance Lapses
If the Department of Motor Vehicles receives information that your vehicle has had it's liability insurance coverage terminated, the Department will send you an inquiry letter. Failure to respond with proof of continuous coverage may result in the suspension of your registration. Should the lapse exceed 90 days, your driver's license may also be suspended.

If you have not maintained liability insurance coverage, you must surrender your license plates for the required period, depending on the length of the lapse. If your license is suspended, it too must be surrendered. No new registration may be issued in your name until the suspension period has been served.

Up to 30 days $8.00 per day $8.00 per day
31 - 60 days $8.00 per day $10 per day + $240 for days 1-30
61- 90 days $8.00 per day $12 per day + 540 for days 1-60

Proof of insurance coverage can consist of a letter on the insurance company's letterhead showing the period of coverage and a full description of the covered vehicle. Proof can also consist of an insurance card issued by a company other than the one notifying the Department of the cancellation.

Payment of Civil Penalty
If you are eligible to pay a penalty rather than serve the suspension period, you must pay in cash, money order, certified check or major credit card. The amount due is dependent on the actual term of lapse; therefore it is best to do this transaction in person. Once you opt to pay a civil penalty, you are prohibited from this option for a period of 3 years.

Surrendering License Plates
Your license plates can be surrendered at the Genesee County Motor Vehicle Office for a fee of $1.00
cash. You will receive a receipt for the items you have surrendered. If you do not have the plates to surrender, obtain Form MV78B (Report of Lost or Stolen Registration Items) from your local police agency and submit it along with $1.00 cash to the Genesee County Motor Vehicle Office.