Motor Vehicle Office

How to Obtain a Learner's Permit

The Genesee County Motor Vehicle office is available to assist you with obtaining a learner's permit.

Parental consent is needed if you are under the age of 18. You must complete form MV-44 (Application for License or Non-Driver ID Card MV-44) for a state learner's permit. A parent/guardian will need to complete form MV-45 (Statement of Identity), which will be signed in front of a motor vehicle representative. The applicant also signs this form. The parent or guardian will need to be present with their photo New York State drivers license or proof of date of birth and six points of acceptable identification-see form ID-44 (Proofs of Identity).

You must be at least 16 years old. You will need to present an original or certified birth certificate issued by a Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, or US State Department (hospital birth certificates are not acceptable). An original social security card (unlaminated) with your signature on it and 4 points of additional identification. The 4 points of proof may include a variety of different documents. DMV form ID-44 (Proofs of Identity) lists all of the options for identification and residency proof.  

In place of the 4 points of proof, if you are under the age of 21, a parent/guardian with a New York State driver's license may come to a Motor Vehicle Office and sign the MV-45 form. An original state birth certificate and original social security card with your signature on it must also be presented along with a form of residency proof. (Refer to the ID-44 (Proofs of Identity).

Presenting a non-driver identification card as proof of identity to obtain a permit must be accompanied by one form of residency proof if your physical address is different than what's on non-driver identification card.

You must take and pass a written knowledge test in the driver permit classification in which you wish to obtain a permit. Hours of testing are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

Pre-Licensing Course

You are required to take the Five-Hour Pre-Licensing Course or Driver Education Course before you can take your road test. The courses are offered at local high schools and driving schools. New York State Certified driving schools are listed in the yellow pages of your phone directory.

Road Test Scheduling

There are three (3) ways to schedule a Class D or Class M Road Test:

To schedule your Road Test you must have the following information:

  • Your nine-digit Client ID, located on your learner permit
  • Your Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate (MV-278)
    Obtained by completing a NYS approved 5-hour course
    Your Student Certificate of Completion (MV-285)
    Obtained by completing a NYS approved Driver Education class
  • Your five digit zip code, or the zip code of the area where you would like to take your road test.
  • If scheduling Online you will also need to enter your social security number

A few notes regarding road tests:

  • There is no additional fee for the road test for a Class D or Class M license.  The fee for two road tests is included in the cost of your permit. 
  • DJ learner permit holders (under 18 years of age) will be required to present a Certification of Supervised Driving (MV-262).  This certifies that you have had at least 50 hours of supervised driving, including 15 hours supervised driving after sunset.
  • DJ learner permit holders (under 18 years of age) will also be required to have held their permit for at least six (6) months, from the date of issue, prior to scheduling a road test.

CDL Road Test Scheduling (Commercial Drivers License)

You will need to come to our motor vehicle office to make the $40 road test scheduling payment before you can make an appointment for your CDL road test. Scheduling a CDL road test is available in person at our office or by phone.

Scheduling CDL Road Test can be done by phone. 1-518-402-2100
Hearing Impaired Call: 1-800-368-1186 

General Restrictions For All Drivers With Learner's Permits

No matter what age you are, if you hold a learner permit, you may not drive:
  • Unless accompanied by a person at least age 21 who has a valid license for operating the vehicle you are driving. For example, only a person with a motorcycle license may supervise a motorcycle learner.
  • In a DMV road test area.
  • On any street within a park in New York City, or any bridge or tunnel under the jurisdiction of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
  • On the Cross County, Hutchinson River, Saw Mill River, or Taconic State parkways in Westchester County.