Motor Vehicle Office

What's New

Effective October 9, 2019 there will be new registration
forms that will be available here in the office and on the DMV website.  Form (MV-82) has been revised and an (MV-95) has been added, along with (MV-82NPSUP) for non-personal use, therefore all prior registration forms will be void effective October 9, 2019. 

Effective October 1, 2020 is will be mandatory to have an Enhanced Drivers License or Real ID Driver's License in order to board a plane for a domestic flight, enter a federal building or a military base. 

Have you renewed your snowmobile registration?  Is your car, truck, or trailer registered?

Do you have an EZ-Pass on your vehicle so you don't have to wait at the toll booths?

All of this and more can be handled right here in the Genesee County, Batavia DMV.

 By bringing your Motor Vehicle documents here to this office, 12.7% of every transaction stays in this county. License renewals, vehicle registrations, amendments, whatever the motor vehicle needs you have, let us take care of you. Same day personalized service is a win/win for all. Thinking global and acting local, preserves our future.