Emergency Management Services

Firefighter I - Skill Sheets

Respond on an Apparatus to an Emergency Scene 2-I-1
Operate in Established Work Areas at an Emergency Scene 2-I-2
Inspection, Cleaning and Sanitizing of SCBA 6-I-6, 6-I-7
Filling a SCBA Cylinder 6-I-8, 6-I-9
Clean and Inspect Ropes 8-I-1
Emergency Scene Illumination 10-I-1
Hand Tool Maintenance 11-1-1
Power Tool Maintenance 11-1-2
Clean, Inspect and Maintain a Ladder  12-I-1
Basic Hose Use  15-I-1, 15-I-2
Rolling Hose 15-I-3, 15-I-4
Load and Advance Accordion Load 15-I-6
Load and Advance Triple Layer Load 15-I-10, 15-I-14
Load and Advance Minuteman Load 15-I-11, 15-I-14
Roll, Deploy, Clean and Inspect a Salvage Cover 18-I-I-1, 2, 3
Salvage Cover Fold and Balloon Toss Spread 2 FF Method 18-I-6, 18-I-7