Emergency Management Services

New York State Training Authorization Letter Policy


Accountability ID Data (pdf 36kb)

Volunteer Firefighter Background Form
Claims for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers Credit (pdf 334 kb)
Facility Use Form
(submit completed form to:  elizabeth.allen@co.genesee.ny.us)
F.A.S.T. Worksheet (pdf 525kb)

Firefighter I - Skill Sheets
Genesee County Radio Trouble Report

Live Burn Training Facility Use Request Form

Live Burn Liability Release Form

Live Fire Checklist (pdf 83kb)
Live Fire Responsibilities List (pdf 27kb)
Mileage Statement (pdf 453kb)
Monthly Report (pdf 300kb)
New World Personnel Change Request (pdf 203kb)
New York State Training Course Authorization
New York State Authorization Letter Policy 
New York State Report of Ambulance Service
New York State Report of Assistance by Fire Department (pdf 43kb)
Report of Suspected Cigarette Cause Fire (pdf 570kb)

Report of Volunteer Fireman Injury and Illness (pdf 415kb)

Toll Reimbursement for Emergency Service
Uniform Code Fire Notification (pdf 70kb)

Worker's Compensation - How to Report an Accident
Worker' Compensation - Certificate of Health 

 Run Card Worksheet