Genesee Justice

Criminal Justice Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Genesee County Criminal Justice System is to promote the public good and safety by seeking solutions to crime, which preserve life, protect property, hold those who violate public trust accountable and giving standing to victims. This is accomplished through community participation, crime prevention, education and by monitoring and assessing the Criminal Justice System itself. The ultimate intent is multi-focused:
  • To preserve life, protect property and promote the rights of all citizens
  • To make the criminal justice system accountable to the victim, offender and community-at-large
  • To enhance the criminal justice system through planning and research
Preserve life and Protect Property: Provide for a safe and secure community
  • Police
  • Courts/Prosecution/Defense
  • Probation/Correctional Alternatives/Victim Services
  • Jail
  • Support Services
Preservation of Law (individual rights and due process), Order and Community Peace (maintain the safety, welfare and order of the individual and the community as well as promoting and protecting the rights of its citizens).
  • Protect the rights of the accused
  • Promote and encourage the Fair Treatment of Victims
  • Emotional, psychological mental, physical well-being of all citizens
Improvement in the Quality of Justice:
  • Uphold the standards of law and justice
  • Prevent justice system deficiencies
  • Monitor and assess the criminal justice system and offender accountability
*** Restoration
*** Retribution
*** Rehabilitation
*** Deterrence
*** Isolation (Incarceration)
Criminal Justice Advisory Council
Criminal Justice Continuum
  • Manage Jail Population
  • Reduce System Inefficiencies
  • Reduce Time Delays
  • Better Screening & Planning at Front End
  • Factual look at System
  • Enhance standing of Victims
  • Determine where community fits in
  • Measure Council’s effectiveness
  • Overall tracking of System
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
Short vs. Long Term Objectives
Short Term:
  • Develop an understandable picture of the entire system
  • Identify all the players in the system
  • Understand how the players impact each other
  • Recommend corrections/improvements
Long Term:
  • Ongoing tracking of system
  • Comprehensive analysis of effectiveness
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Overall improvements of the system
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