Accomplishments & Goals

Key 2021 Accomplishments

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Program

A single HHW collection was held on September 18th. After the 2004 collection in Pavilion, which was central to the three counties, the decision was made to return to using county highway facilities. These facilities offer sites that are large enough for the operation. All are located on or near state highways.  The collection was held in Rock Glen (town of Gainesville) and was open to Genesee County residents. GLOW accepts up to 500 appointments at each collection. For the fourth year the electronics collection was separated out and a separate collection for them (with appointments) was held September 25th.  Out of a total of 335 participants, 69  were from Genesee County. The average cost per participant was estimated to be $82.02. Thus, the value realized by Genesee County from this program was $5,659.38. The following materials were collected from residents in the GLOW counties:

  1. 2,029 lbs. of solvents
  2. 1,570 lbs. of resins and adhesives
  3. 11 lbs. of Freon canisters
  4. 153 lbs. of oxidizers
  5. 1,487 lbs. of lab pack pesticides (liquids)
  6. 512lbs. of lab pack pesticides (solids)
  7. 484 lbs. of acids
  8. 200 lbs. of alkalines
  9. 17 lbs. of mercury
  10. 1,379 lbs. of household cleaners
  11. 6,511 lbs. of oil based paint
  12. 1,488 lbs. of aerosols
  13. 6,286 lbs. of putty and adhesives
  14. 990 lbs. of fluorescent tubes and bulbs
  15. 2,577 lbs. of antifreeze
  16. 695 lbs. of oil filters
  17. 321 tires
  18. 113 vehicle batteries
  19. 274 one pound propane canisters
  20. 37 - 20 pound propane tanks
  21. 59 fire extinguishers

This program is expected to be funded, in part, by a grant from the NYSDEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) in the amount of $26,597.39. It required a 50% match by GLOW. Total 2021 program costs were $28,238.94 (GLOW’s share will be $13,298.70). Non-eligible costs amounted to $1,579. Tire revenues amounted to $1,607. 

Composting/Recycling Performances

In 2001 and 2002, in an effort to reach as many people as possible with its waste reduction/recycling/composting message, GLOW hired area environmental performers to appear at area festivals and public events.  The performances allowed GLOW to reach children and adults who might not attend an event featuring only an environmental theme, but would watch when the performances when they are attending a larger event.   Due to budget concerns, as well as concern over how many residents were being impacted by the program, GLOW suspended this program.  If funding is available in the future the Committee may resurrect this program.

"Don't Throw That Away" Game Revision

In late 2002, GLOW revised its recycling game.  The game board was modified and printed on laminated card stock.  Revised game questions are now geared more specifically to the region. The game targets 5th graders.  In March of 2003 the game was hand delivered to 5th grade teachers, youth groups and 4-H offices.  Four editions of a newsletter containing environmental and program information, as well as lesson plans geared to this grade were also published.  In 2007 the game was promoted and distributed at Genesee County’s Family Game Night and at other public appearances.  Additional efforts will be made to distribute it to various other youth groups and home schooling organizations.

"Recycling Challenge" Game

In the summer of 2010 GLOW introduced its new game. The interactive game was created for events where children come and go as they please and stop for relatively short periods of time. It consists of a 3 panel foam core display with an explanation and graphics in the middle, “Recyclables” on the left and “Recycled Into” on the right. Items are attached to the board with Velcro and the items on both sides have a small piece of Velcro to which ribbon can be attached. The object is for children to match the recyclable to what it gets recycled into.

Picnic in Park

As part of its community participation efforts, for the last few years GLOW has set up a waste reduction and recycling display at the Picnic in the Park event in Batavia.  This provides GLOW with the opportunity to distribute information on solid waste, waste reduction, composting and recycling.  It also affords GLOW the opportunity to promote ongoing programs and provide answers to questions on proper disposal of various materials.  There was no cost for this program.  Due to the global pandemic this event was canceled in 2020 and 2021 and was not held in 2022 due to lack of funding. GLOW is participating in Summer Carnival in Batavia, Crossroads Festival in Lima and Hemlock and Wyoming County Fairs.

Key 2022 Goals

Please be advised that these programs are tentative.  In light of State budget constraints, anticipated grant funding may not be available.  Because of this, some of these programs may be scaled back or eliminated.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program (HHW)

Plans for a single household hazardous waste collection in 2022 are currently underway. The collection will be held September 17 in Genesee County.  Appointments will start to be accepted in July 18. GLOW  will submit a grant application to DEC for funding for the program after the program is completed. These collections provide convenient, environmentally sound opportunities for residents to dispose of LATEX and oil based paint and stains, household chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides and insecticides and vehicle fluids.  GLOW will once again hold a separate electronics collection on September 24. With the implementation of a State Paint Stewardship Law residents will now be able to take a variety of latex and oil based paint and stains, varnishes, shellacs, deck sealers and some floor coatings to local Sherwin Williams stores (a limit of 5 gallons/person/day applies). The program is paid for by a charge on paint purchased at any retailers that sell it. 

Municipal Recycling Program

GLOW will continue to work with municipalities to identify areas of opportunity to enhance existing recycling efforts, offer technical assistance to resolve problems associated with non-traditional and/or other waste streams and provide other services as needed (i.e. educational materials).  GLOW will also investigate the possibility of serving municipalities through cooperative marketing agreements with area haulers and recyclers.

Recycling Hotline

GLOW will continue to maintain the Recycling Hotline.  The hotline is used by the municipal, business and residential sectors as a means of accessing technical assistance from GLOW staff.

Backyard Composting

The GLOW Committee will continue to promote and encourage backyard composting in a cost effective manner.  Composting is one of the most efficient, low cost, and environmentally sound methods of waste reduction.  Information on this subject continues to be requested by residents and taken from the information rack at fairs and other public events.  GLOW will also continue to maintain its two (2) Backyard Composting Demonstration Sites.

The overall goal of the GLOW Committee is to keep costs to a minimum, while at the same time maximizing the effectiveness of programs and services throughout the region.