Departmental Overview

The Genesee County Health Department’s primary responsibilities include educating the community; preventing disease and injuries; promoting healthy behaviors; assuring access to healthcare services; mobilizing community resources; protecting against environmental hazards; responding to and organizing disaster situations.

The department is composed of seven (7) major program units:  Administration/Finance; Public Health Nursing (PHN); Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP); Environmental Health (EH); Early Intervention (EIP); 3-5 Preschool Supportive Health Services Program and County Coroner.  Each unit is governed by its own set(s) of rules, regulations, and programmatic requirements which are specific to each program, ultimately working towards the same goal of serving the community’s health care needs.

The Genesee County Health Department provides the following mission driven services:  identification, investigation, and reducing community health problems; educating, empowering, and mobilizing the community to address health needs; enforcing regulations to protect community health; and providing access to healthcare services through community linkages.  The department works to maintain and improve the health of every citizen of Genesee County, promoting health lifestyles throughout every stage of life and protecting our air, water, food and the environments where we live, work and play.


To build community collaboration in promoting health, preventing disease, protecting the environment, education, surveillance, intervention, and commitment to the principles of public health practices to achieve optimal health status for the citizens of Genesee County.


The optimal health, safety, and wellness, are attained and maintained for the citizens of Genesee County.


Caring ~ We are caring by showing that all people are worthy of attention, protection, optimal health and well being.

Service ~ We contribute to the well being of those we serve by meeting their needs no matter their race, creed, financial means or other life circumstances.

Respect ~ We believe each person we service is recognized as an individual who deserves understanding and dignity.

Integrity ~ We are dependable, honest and competent in our relationships with others, always doing what is right and fair in the best interest of those we serve.

Education ~ To best care for those we serve: We seek knowledge, skills and sagacity.

Fellowship ~ We can enhance the health and well being of the community through mutual collaboration and combining our efforts with organizations, caregivers and service providers.

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