Children with Special Health Care Needs

This program is an informational, referral and advocacy program for children from birth to 21 years of age who may require health or related services, of a type or amount, beyond that typically required by children.  Program assistance does not require eligibility or fees in order to obtain services.

Case Management services, funded by the Children with Special Health Care Needs Grant, offer outreach and referral to connect families with appropriate services.  We want to help you help you child reach his or her full potential. The following assistance is available:

  • accessing health insurance for your child
  • in determining if your child may be eligible for Medicaid under new State programs, or in some cases, SSI benefits
  • assistance in obtaining medical services or equipment at home
  • providing advocacy with other service providers to ensure quality of care for you child
  • developing a support network

For more assistance call Charolette at
Lake Plains Community Health Care Network at (585) 345-6110.


Resource Directory for Children and Young Adults with Special Health Care Needs
DOH Oral Health Programs in New York State
Medicaid in New York State
Family Health Plus
Child Health Plus
Lake Plains Community Care Network


Your Health Information Document (pdf 1,220kb)
Seizure Action Plan (pdf 510kb)
Resource Directoty for Children and Young Adults with Special Health Care Needs (pdf 6.4mb)
Health Summary for Your Child with Special Health Care Needs (pdf 54kb)