Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Genesee County Health Department is required by New York State Public Health Law to ensure Free Diagnosis and Treatment is available to for most Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) to residents. 

Remember, it is possible to have more than one sexually transmitted disease at the same time.  It is also possible to get the same disease more than once.  The longer you delay treatment, the more damage the disease will cause to your body.  So, if you even suspect that you've been exposed, visit your doctor or find a clinic immediately.  You and your partner should be checked and treated at the same time to avoid re-infecting each other.

Many people think there are only two STDs, syphilis and gonorrhea.  In fact, there are many other diseases that can be spread through sexual contact, including herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, vaginitis, hepatitis B and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). 

Learn more and get the facts:

Bacterial Vaginosis
Genital HPV Infection
Genital Herpes
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Most people who have an STD do not have symptoms & you can't tell by looking if a person is infected with a disease, so - Protect Yourself!

      • Abstinence:  You do not have to have sex!
      • Talk to Your Partner:  Ask your partner if he or she has an STD, has been exposed to one, or has any unexplained physical symptoms.
      • Do Not Have Unprotected Sex if your partner has signs or symptoms of STDs, such as sores, rashes, or discharge from the genital area.
      • Use a new CONDOM every time.
      • Get Regular Checkups for STDs (even if you show no symptoms), and be familiar with the common symptoms.