Weights and Measures

County Building II 
3837 West Main Street Rd. 
Batavia, New York 14020

Ronald P. Mannella, Weights and Measures Director
(585) 589-4416

Department Description & Mission: 

Weights and Measures is responsible for enforcing all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and ordinances prescribed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.  These include New York State Agriculture and Markets Law Article 16 and Regulations under 1NYCRR Parts 220 to 224.

The program’s mission is to promote equity in the marketplace.  Commercial weighing and measuring devices throughout the county are tested for compliance and accuracy in order to protect consumers, businesses, and manufacturers from unfair practices.

Devices tested include scales, petroleum pumps, and vehicle tank meters.  It also includes coin operated timing devices, linear measuring devices and the calibration of farm bulk milk tanks.  Any business or person with a commercial use device, used for the purpose of determining the price of a commodity or a service rate, is required to Notify Weights and Measures before use of that device.

Other Duties:

In addition to the testing and certification of devices, the following includes other duties of Weights and Measures in Genesee County.

Petroleum Quality – Genesee County participates in New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Petroleum Quality Program by collecting random samples of gasoline and diesel fuel at retail gasoline stations and sending them to a contract laboratory to assure they are conforming with labeling and performance standards for Octane and Cetane ratings.  This program is fully reimbursed by the state.

Net Contents of Packaged Goods – Weights and Measures visits retail locations and checks packages of various goods for compliance with stated net content amounts using procedures established in Handbook 133 published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Complaint Investigation - The Director of Weights and Measures will investigate any complaints relating to weights and measures.  Contact Weights and Measures with any concerns you have regarding a weighing or measuring device. Report Problem or Complaint