Major Construction for 2012

Several projects are scheduled for 2012. The following list provides details of the work to be performed:

Oil & Stone--

Gabbey Rd, Pratt Rd, Lockport & North Byron Rd, West Bergen Rd, Oatka Trail, Parmelee Rd, Francis Rd, Starr Rd

NOVAChip Thin Overlay--

East-Bethany Le Roy Rd, Fargo Rd (Stafford), Lewiston Rd (Rt 77)

Asphalt Overlay--

Wortendyke Rd

Culvert Replacements--

Roanoke Rd/Stafford (between Westacott and EB-Le Roy Rds); South Street/Pavilion (just north of Rt 20); Ridge Rd/Elba (between Graham and RT 98); North Pearl St/Oakfield (just north of Drake St); Bridge Rd/Elba (between Barrville and Luddington Rd); Rt 262/Bergen (just west of the cemetery/Rt 19); Old Creek Rd/Alexander (just north of Hunn Rd); Cookson Rd/Alexander (1 mi east of Rt 98)

Bridge Repairs--

Stroh Rd/Alexander over Tonawanda Creek

Warboys Rd/Bergen over Drainage (west of Merrill Rd)

River St/City of Batavia over Tonawanda Creek