Legislation and Funding

One of the most important pieces of funding for local roads is provided under the Consolidated Highway Improvement Project System (CHIPS). The CHIPS program, which is derived from bonds issued by the New York State Thruway Authority, provides funding to local governments for the maintenance and construction of local roads.

Genesee County receives nearly $1.4 million in CHIPS aid from New York State.  Beyond 2011, this funding is in jeopardy as the state has yet to adopt a long-term transportation funding plan.  The failure of the state to adopt a funding mechanism for CHIPS or other local funding would have a dramatic impact on the ability of the county to maintain its roads without dramatic increases in the local property tax burden, which itself is now capped at 2% increases annually by state law.

CHIPS funding has remained relatively level, while material costs (asphalt, fuel, road salt have skyrocketed).  This combination has created a worst case scenario where road repairs have not been able to keep up with deterioration.  Nearly 33% of Genesee County bridges are rated structurally deficient or functional obsolete and maintenance on County Roads is nearly a year behind schedule.

To support CHIPS and other state infrastructure spending please email or contact your state legislators at:

State Senator
(60th District)
State Assemblyman
(139th District)