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 Record Series:  Genesee County Home: Register or Equivalent Summary
Record Listing Residents of County Poorhouse or Alms House
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 Dates:  1820-1975
 Geographic Location:  Bethany
 Format:  Handwritten with some printed forms with handwritten data
and later years includes typed data
 Arrangement:  Chronologically
 Volume:  Archives: 17 Volumes and 6 Cubic Feet
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 Research Library: Notebook Collection
     Summary of Notebook Collection
 Department:  County Historian
 Use Restrictions:  Staff will access all records and must approve all requests
for copies created - documents are in fragile condition.
 Legal Restrictions:  None
Historical Background:   An act to provide for the establishment of county poorhouses
was passed in Albany in 1824. On December 4, 1826 the
Genesee County Board of Supervisors met in Bethany for the purpose of establishing a County Poorhouse.
      Genesee County Home History
 Description of Record Series:  This collection includes: correspondence, receipts, inventories, account ledgers, immigrants, lists, copies of orders and purchases made for the various paupers.
 Purpose of Record:  Documents the level and type of care provided to paupers residing at the County Home. Documents the early development of the facility, growth of the County Farm, and changes brought about through social reform.
 Other Format:  None
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Records in Archives
DATES                       COLLECTION                     CONTENTS
1852 - 1901                        Box 3A                           Correspondence
1847 - 1973                        Box 3B                           Lists
1828 - 1975                        Box 3C                           Medical
1820 - 1903                        Box 3D                           Financial Records
1820 - 1927                        Box 3E                           Financial Records
1820 - 1900                        Box 3F                           Financial Records
1820 - 1900                        Box 3G                           Financial Records

County Home Deaths      
            County Home Inmates                                                              
            Mortuary Notes 1848 - 1953 & 1972 - 1974
 Related Series:  Official Minutes and Proceedings of the Genesee County Board of Supervisors
Claim for Payment