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 Record Series: Official Marriage Records filed with the County 
New York State Retention Schedule Number 6.[185] Retention: Permanent
 Sample of Records:  View sample document
 Dates:  1908 - 1935
 Geographic Location:  Genesee County
 Format:  Typed forms with handwritten data
 Arrangement:  Numerically - Certificate numbers in these records are those assigned by Genesee County and do not match New York State Health Department numbers.
 Volume:  5 Volumes =hardcover and 6 cubic feet
 Department:  County clerk
 Use Restrictions:  Copies may be of an original document if it is one that was filed within the collection of the 6 cubic foot boxes.  If the certificate is filed within a volume, it will be recreated by the staff.  The recreation will consist of a reproduction of the certificate with the information filled in by the History Department staff.
 Legal Restrictions:  Except for the name of the groom, bride, license date and place of issue, these records are confidential.  Please contact the clerk of the village,  town or city that issued the license or the New York State Department of Health to request an official copy of a Marriage License.
 Historical Background:  From 1908 to 1926 county clerks were required to maintain indices or registers of marriages.  The requirement was abolished in 1926 but some county clerks continued to maintain these summary records into the 1930's.  These records document official marriages within Genesee County during the first three decades of the 20th Century.  This time period spans World War I, the Great Depression and the increase in immigration in Genesee County.
 Description of Record Series:  The certificates include: the names of the groom and bride, their race, place of residence (State, County and Town), their age, occupation and place of birth.  Also included are signatures of the bride and groom along with the place of registry, father's name and mother's maiden name, County Clerk's signature, name of the person performing the ceremony, town, county, date of marriage, names of witnesses, and consent forms for minor grooms and brides (under 21 for grooms and 18 for brides).  If it was not the first marriage, the former spouse is listed (living or dead).  If divorced, where the divorce was granted was noted.
 Purpose of Record:  These records are most helpful when no other marriage record survives and may provide genealogical information for those conducting family research.
 Other Format:  None
 Finding Aids:  An index of the Marriage Certificates has been created and a copy of a document is $5.00 (checks payable to the Genesee County Treasurer.)  The Genesee County History Department staff wishes to thank Ruth Newton and Sharon Larson, department volunteers for creating the index.
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