Recent Talks by the County Historian

   Batavia Explodes:
Cold War Anxiety, Civil Defense, and the Preparedness Drill at the Veterans Hospital in 1956

Genesee County, the Holland Land Company, and the Fabric of American History

Local History: A Brief Historical Overview and Issues Central to its Practice

The Notion of History and its Importance for a Community

The Ideal of Freedom, the Civil War, and Genesee County, New York, 1861-1865 

United States/Genesee County Agricultural History Timeline and Exhibit Descriptions 

What Makes Local History Unique?

A Brief Overview of the Civil War from the Perspective of Genesee County

Brief Remarks Concerning the Historical Significance of the Holland Land Company Through the Early Nineteenth Century in Western New York

Why do Wars Happen? Genesee County and the Problem of Human Conflict, 1775 to the Present

A Place of Peace, Play, and Learning: the Genesee County Park and Forest

The Services Offered by the Genesee County History Department

American Culture and Cookbooks in Genesee County, New York, 1830-1920

Genealogical Research at the Genesee County History Department: Opportunities and Resources

The Many Contributions of our Local Historians

Irish-Americans in Genesee County, New York – A St. Patrick’s Day Reflection

Does History Matter? Searching for the Past and the Future of our Nation

Remarks for the Legend and Lore Marker Ceremony at the Rolling Hills Asylum

Genealogy and History: Are the Two the Same?

Remarks in Commemoration for 1stLieutenant Leonard B. Fuller

Genesee County, New York: A Brief Historical Overview Stressing its Place in American History's Tapestry of Different Peoples  

Emory Upton and the Formation of Modern America  

Remarks at the Dedication Ceremony for the Emory Upton Historical Marker

A Special Kind of Scandal

Depression Children Go To War: Genesee County, New York, 1941-1945 
Common Questions About the History of Genesee County

In Search of Modern America: Mass Media and Presidential Elections in Genesee County, New York, 1860-1920  
Becoming American: The Journey of Italians in Genesee County, New York

Introduction to For Home and Country: Oakfield, New York During World War II

The State of History in Genesee County, New York: Thinking Nationally While Working Locally     

A Brief Overview of the History of the Genesee County Courthouse  

Family History Workshop – A Guide

Protestantism, Protestant Revolutions, and the Place of Religion in Genesee County History

Is it Dangerous to Believe Anything We Want to Believe In?

Hoover, Roosevelt, and the New Deal in Genesee County, New York during The Great Depression

What We Have Found – Family History Workshop #2

Genesee County Children and World War Two  

Respectable Radicals: Christian Socialism in Early Twentieth Century Upstate New York

In Only Six Short Years: Genesee County Reacts to the Assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Two Heroes from Genesee County – Ely S. Parker and Charles F. Rand

The Upton Memorial – a Tribute to all of Genesee County’s Veterans

Our Community’s Need for Memory – Our Community’s Need for History

Thanksgiving in Genesee County – A Day of Gratitude, Rest, Play, and Community

Public Presence and Secret Injustice: Women in Genesee County, New York, 1802 to the Present 

The Stafford Bicentennial: Identifying With the Past in Order to Prepare for the Future

The Spirit of Liberty and the Right to Self-Expression                                  

Addendum to the Timeline of Significant Genesee County Government Events for the Years 1993-2020        

The Historical Society of the New York Courts: Genesee County Legal History

"Chapter Thirteen" In Western New York? The Ku Klux Klan Genesee County in the 1920s

"Chapter Fifteen" Too Often Forgotten: Female Slaves and Poor Women in Genesee County

Pavilion Talk