Human Resources

Conservation District Senior Field Manager


  This position involves the planning for the execution of environmental and conservation programs involving both private and public properties, and/or entities in all of the aspects of natural resources management including both administrative and technical phases.  Employees in this class assume the administrative responsibilities for the organization and execution of the application phase of a resource conservation program as well as participation in SWCD field work.  Work is performed under the direction of the board of directors of the county soil and water conservation district.  General supervision is exercised over all other district employees.

Supervise and manage all personnel activities including field work and training, prepare job descriptions, assist with interviewing and hiring of employees, conduct Job Performance Evaluations, address all other matters related to personnel under the direction of the Board of Directors;
Coordinate all SWCD activities with agencies assisting SWCD including but not limited to USDA-Soil Conservation Service, USDA-Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Agriculture and  Markets, and the County Legislature;
Provide the Board of Directors with information needed for decision making.  Analyze workload and make recommendations as to allocations of personnel and equipment.  Prepare cost estimates.  Compile statistical data;
Assist the Board of Directors in the development of a Long Range Plan and an Annual Plan of Action based on natural resource conservation needs and priorities;
Prepare an annual SWCD budget under the direction of the Board of Directors and assist in presenting the budget to the County Legislature;
Write grant proposals for special programs to address natural resource conservation needs.  Negotiate and implement contracts and develop final reports on grant funding;
Conduct a public information program which explains, the purpose, functions, and programs of the SWCD including but not limited to an Annual Report, informational articles, brochures, radio shows, tours, and slide shows;
Plan and implement SWCD programs such as the seedling program, pond stocking program and agricultural assessment program;
Provide technical assistance to landowners and units of local government including the evaluation, layout, survey, design, cost estimate, contract preparation, construction inspection, documentation, and supervision of environmental conservation practices and programs;
Collect data and prepare surveys, maps, and specifications concerning potential conservation projects;
Calculate and recommend schedules of fees and/or margins of costs that the SWCD may assess landowners for services rendered;
Prepare natural resource conservation and development plans.  Conduct site reviews.  Prepare evaluation reports and stream disturbance permits for public and private properties;
Represent the SWCD at cooperating agency, organization, and municipal meetings as necessary;
Prepare a monthly Work Report and Manager's Report for the Board of Directors.  Develop and post a Weekly Schedule and keep a Daily Narrative.

The above examples of duties are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND/OR PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Thorough knowledge of materials and procedures used in the application of erosion control systems, best management practices for water quality, water management systems and other conservation practices; thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of natural resource conservation with emphasis on soil and water conservation; good knowledge of public or business administration; good knowledge of personnel management; ability to interpret maps, charts and graphs; ability to deal with the public and present the SWCD program to interested parties; ability to compile and prepare reports; ability to communicate effectively both oral and in writing.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Graduation from high school or possession of an appropriate equivalency diploma recognized by the NYS Department of Education, AND EITHER:

  1. Graduate of a regionally accredited or NYS registered four (4) year college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Sciences, Business Administration, Marketing, Civil Engineering or related field and two years supervisory experience in soil and water conservation work or related field;
  2. Graduate of a regionally accredited or NYS registered college or university with an Associate Degree in Natural Resource Conservation, Civil Technology, Construction Technology, or Environmental Health Technology or related field AND four (4) years of supervisory experience in soil and water conservation work or related field.


Competitive Class