Human Resources



This is routine manual work involving responsibility for the efficient and economical performance of assigned cleaning and maintenance tasks in a municipal building.  The work is performed under the supervision of a Head Custodian, School Principal, or other superior in accordance with established policies and procedures, with some leeway for the exercise of independent judgment.  Supervision may be exercised over the work of a small number of cleaners and custodial workers.

Sweeps and mops floors and stairs;
Dusts desks, woodwork, furniture, and other equipment;
Washes windows, walls, blackboards, sinks, and other fixtures;
Cleans and polishes furniture and tile;
Empties waste baskets, collects and disposes of rubbish;
Operates an oil or gas-fired low pressure heating system;
Operates and performs minor maintenance to ventilation and heat distribution systems;
Mows lawn, trims shrubs, rakes leaves, and performs a variety of other grounds
keeping tasks;
Repairs and paints walls and ceilings;
Carries out a variety of minor plumbing, electrical and carpentry installation, and repair activities;
Runs errands, delivers supplies and equipment;
May supervise or participate in night cleaning of a building;
Arranges chairs, tables, and other equipment for special use of school buildings;
May prepare and maintain a variety of simple records and reports;
Does related work, as required.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES, AND/OR PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:Good knowledge of building cleaning practices, supplies and equipment, and ability to use them efficiently and economically; working knowledge of the operation and maintenance of oil or gas-fired low pressure steam boiler equipment; working knowledge of ventilation and heating distribution systems; ability to make minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry and mechanical repairs, and to perform a variety of routine building maintenance tasks; ability to follow oral and written directions; ability to get along well with children; thoroughness; dependability; resourcefulness; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the job.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:One year of building cleaning and maintenance experience or one year of experience in any of the standard mechanical or construction trades, and completion of a standard grade school; OR any equivalent combination of training and experience as outlined above.

Competitive Class
Non-Competitive Class (part-time)