Job Development Bureau

Key Accomplishments and Goals

Key 2018 Accomplishments

In the last program year, 909 individual customers visited the Genesee County Career Center, making 9225 total visits and averaging 10 visits per person.  The Job Development Bureau assisted 96 participants with Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funded re-employment and training services.  The Career Center assisted 83 veterans over the period. 

The Job Development Bureau and the Genesee County Career Center staff processed job orders from 285  area businesses (+23%), listing 2006 job orders for a total of 4043 jobs in the Genesee region.  As a result, 959 Genesee County job seekers were able to secure new employment through our services, including our online Job Search Tool. 

The Job Development Bureau participated in one hundred thirty-five (135) on-site employer specific job recruitments (+355%) at the Career Center.  

The Job Development Bureau provided On-the-Job Training for fifteen (15) businesses, providing $23,742 in training wages for the twenty-three (23) trainees. 

 The Job Development Bureau sponsored twenty-eight (28) individuals to attend occupational classroom training, providing over $59,538 in financial aid for tuition and books.  

The Summer Youth Program served forty-seven (47) youth in 2018 (+42%) at twenty-nine (29) worksites throughout Genesee County.  Seven (7) of the worksites were For-Profit businesses (24%) and twenty-two (22) were Non-Profit businesses.  Additionally, the Job Development Bureau assisted two (2) youth to secure unsubsidized jobs for the summer, bringing the total youth served in the 2018 Summer Youth Program to forty-nine (49).  

The Career Center provided ten (10) different workshops during the year.  Our workshops cover the topics of resume writing, cover letters, interviewing skills, navigating the Civil Service system for jobs, LinkedIn as a job search tool, Job Search Club, Veterans Only Job Club, NYS DOL’s Job Zone, Career Exploration, and Business Forum for Job Seekers.  The Career Center conducted one hundred and forty-nine (149) workshop sessions over the last year. 

The Career Center also is partnering with the New York State Library Broadband Technology Program, through the NIOGA Library System.  This project is providing increased access for our customers to technical support and training in the use of high speed E-services and computer software.  Classes are provided at the Career Center using our 77 inch SMART Board and the project’s fourteen (14) portable laptops.  Topics include basic computer, email, file management for Window 7, internet for job seekers, basic internet, mail merge, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.  The project provided forty-eight (48) workshops using our classrooms at the Career Center, over the last year. 

The Job Development Bureau and the Genesee County Career Center hosted nine (9) interactive video conferencing sessions over the last year using our BTOP 52 inch Tandberg system.  Additionally, the Career Center participated in sixteen (16) staff development webinars (+45%) featuring our 77 inch SMART Board and supporting laptop computer, purchased through a previous grant from NYS Department of Labor.  Utilizing these video conferencing tools provides a low cost alternative to out of county training and allows the Career Center to host regional and state-wide training sessions and meetings for area partners. 

The Career Center began hosting Buffalo Niagara SCORE Counselors/Mentors in November of 2014. In the past year, we had 29 customers meet with SCORE at our location seeking advice and assistance with their business or startup venture. 

The Job Development Bureau has continued to update our Career Center Web Page.  The Web Page describes the complete menu of services available for all our other partners in the Genesee County Career Center.  Our monthly Calendar of Events continued to be published on our Web Page each month, expanding the number of customers who have access to these valuable job seeking and job keeping services.  The dates of all our free workshops and business recruitments were included on the Calendar. 

The Job Development Bureau continued to utilize the weekly WBTA Genesee County Radio Show to promote our programs and services.

The Job Development Bureau again achieved 100% of our federal and state performance benchmarks and spending requirements.  We also successfully satisfied all program and fiscal monitoring/reporting requirements.

 Key 2019 Goals

Quickly assist unemployed workers with reemployment activities, allowing them to learn new occupational skills when appropriate, to enable them to find new employment.  Assist area businesses to recruit the skilled workers they require, allowing them to grow.  Continue to provide priority of service to unemployed veterans, returning them to the civilian workforce in an expedited manner. 

Support our job-seeking customers to maximize their successful job retention while working with business to reduce employee turn-over, thereby maintaining a highly skilled and productive workforce. 

Continue leadership and collaboration with our local partners at the Genesee County Career Center and continue the development of an enhanced Workforce Development System to bring better service at a lower price to all its customers.  Continue our mission to be the premiere One Stop Center in GLOW as well as the State of New York. 

Continue to find ways to further increase our success in finding our customers meaningful jobs leading to economic self-sufficiency.  Develop alternative transportation methods to maximize employment opportunities in rural areas.

Work with NYS Department of Labor to refine WIOA program reports for the One Stop Operating System (OSOS).  Increase our capability to reconcile the OSOS participant data.  During 2019, we will work to increase the ability to track performance utilizing the OSOS reports.  

Continue to assist local businesses in accessing special funding for training and upgrading their workforce.  Continue our partnership with schools, training facilities, and other community agencies to prepare our job seekers and emerging youth to be part of our future quality workforce.  Continue to assist the GCEDC with recruitment, application, screening, assessment, and selection for their grant funded Training Programs. 

Provide representation on the Genesee County Youth Bureau, Genesee County Transportation Coordinating Committee, Inter-Agency Council, GLOW Youth Council, Economic and Workforce Development Focus Group, Technology Focus Group, Genesee Community College Perkins Advisory Board, Independent Living of Genesee Region Advisory Committee on Disabilities; Mental Health Association MICA Trauma Taskforce, and Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee. 

Develop and implement a transition plan for the eventual retirement of key Job Development Staff and conduct strategic planning for future of the Department.