Summer Youth Employment Program

Summer Youth Employment Program

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The Job Development Bureau is located at the Genesee County Career Center.
587 East Main Street, Suite 100 Batavia, New York 14020
(585) 344-2042    Fax (585) 344-4495     Email:
Hours: Monday - Friday       Regular Hours 8:30 a.m.  - 5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours (Memorial - Labor Day) 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Are you between the ages of 14 and 20 and looking for a summer job?

SYEP at work

We are looking for youth who are interested in working in their own communities that meet income eligibility guidelines. This program will give you the opportunity to earn a paycheck, gain valuable job skills and experience through employment that will help you to be successful in the future. 
The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) gives our local youth an opportunity to work and earn money during the summer. We do our best to find work in the communities where youth live.  We strive to find a match to your career goals in local businesses, schools and agencies that can provide you with an excellent experience and great mentoring, while giving you a start on creating a your resume.

Youth working filling sanitation kits

How do I qualify for SYEP?
To be eligible for SYEP you must:
Be at least 14-years old but not over 20-years old
You must permanently reside in Genesee County, New York
Your family income must be at or below 200% of the poverty level or you must have a disability
Give us a call at (585) 344-2042 to be added to our waiting list. 
You will be called for a mandatory orientation meeting and an intake interview.

SYEP training 2

When will SYEP start?
SYEP starts with mandatory training
usually scheduled right after school let’s out for the summer. 
After training, SYEP is typically a five-week program that will tentatively
begin the first week in July and continue through August.

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How much will I get paid?
SYEP participants will earn the New York State minimum wage
which is currently $15.00 per hour and
you will typically work 20 hours per week.

How will I know if I am selected to participate in SYEP?
You will receive a call for an orientation session and intake meeting
which will help us determine your eligibility and confirm your interest in the program.

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Do I need Working Papers?
Yes, if you are the ages of 14-17 years old.
(Blue Card for 14-15-year old's / Green card for 16- 17-year old's).

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How do I obtain Working Papers?
To obtain working papers you must get an application form from your school office.
If you are not attending school or if you apply during vacation periods
obtain the address of the certificating office from the school nearest your home.
Complete the application form which requires:
The signature of your parent or guardian
Proof of age
(your birth or baptism record, driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, school record, or passport)
A written statement from a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant
that you are physically fit to work

5 youth receiving awards from counselor

Besides a SYEP application and Working Papers what other documentation is required?
At the time of the youth’s eligibility intake interview you must provide the following:
Social Security Card
Proof of US Citizenship:
(Birth Certificate, Passport, NYS Driver’s license or NYS Non Driver’s photo ID)
or Unexpired Permanent Resident card or Alien Registration Receipt Card Form I-551)
Total family income for the past 6 months
(year to date paystubs, tax form 1040/1040A, public assistance, SSI or SSD award letters, an official foster care letter, Medicaid, SNAP, and/or HEAP documentation).
The applicant will need to sign and complete all intake paperwork.
If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must attend and sign paperwork.
All Summer Youth Employment Program supporting documents are due at your intake interview

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Do I work on weekends or evenings?

Youth cleaning at animal shelter

Do I work overtime?
SYEP cannot pay for overtime.
Participants cannot work more than 40 hours per week. If you are asked by the worksite to work overtime, you must inform your SYEP counselor.

Three youth receiving awards from counselor

Do I have to go through an Orientation if I went through one last year?
If you are selected to work with SYEP, a requirement is to attend the Orientation.
Attendance is mandatory.
The Orientation will discuss topics that will help you have a successful summer work experience.

one youth receiving two awards from counselor

Can I sign-up to work for the same job I did last year?
You may make a request,
but there is no guarantee that the job you worked last year will be available.

What type of summer jobs are available?
SYEP has traditionally offered jobs in maintenance, clerical, camp/recreation,
cultural, childcare, food service/kitchen, and  retail services. 
You may work for government and nonprofit agencies, or local businesses.
Summer Youth Tee shirt with worksite hosts listed

Am I guaranteed a job after submitting an application
and participating in the orientation and the intake interview?
No youth is guaranteed employment.

The Summer Youth Employment Program is funded by the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance in partnership with the Genesee County Department of Social Services.