WIOA Youth

WIOA Youth

Young Adult/Youth

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA)

If you are 16—24, Out of school and not enrolled in school or a training program, and one of the following:

  • Pregnant or Parenting (Mom or Dad)
  • Didn’t finish High School
  • Justice System Involvement
  • Individual with a disability
  • Homeless
  • Aged out of Foster Care

You may be eligible for funding for training and supportive services. 

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Services can include:

  • Paid Work Experience
  • Employment Supports
  • Career Training
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Permit
  • Driving lessons
  • License
  • Mileage
  • Supportive Service payments like work clothes, tools, supplies
  • Career Exploration
  • Labor Market and Employment Information
  • Incentives payments and recognition when you achieve milestones
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring

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There are other eligibility criteria as well:
  • Complete the GLOW WDB Youth Application
  • Register for Career Center Services (complete ES100 and submit to the Career Center, or update information if it has been awhile (complete ES101)
  • Demonstrate a need to upgrade your skills to find a job or advance in your job. The grant is based mainly on whether you can show that you need the training to find suitable, full-time work

WIOA funds can only be used for training that is linked to employment opportunities in the local labor market.  See the list of demand occupations.
  • You must demonstrate suitablity for the training and the career you are applying for and have the skills and qualifications to successfully complete the selected training program.
  • If a school has specific entrance requirements, you must meet those requirements in order to be approved for WIOA funds.
  • WIOA funds can only be used if an individual is unable to get grant assistance from any other sources to pay for training. This includes sources such as State-training funds, Trade Adjustment Assistance, Federal Pell Grants, TAP Grants, and employer-sponsored training allowances.

Other Information:
The grant can cover training costs at many area colleges, universities, vocational schools, and training institutions
  • Currently there is a locally established limit of $3,000 for those who qualify as Youth/Young Adults under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (amount subject to change depending on availability of funds)
  • Training must be provided at a school or program approved by NYS (see ETPL) for eligible training providers
  • There is paperwork and supporting documentation that you must submit at intake along with completing assessment testing
  • Training programs that have already started or are starting within 2 weeks are not eligible for funding. Since the approval process takes a little time, all paperwork needs to be returned to your counselor at least 2 weeks before the start of training. You should contact us at least one month prior to training to ensure all necessary requirements are met in time
  • Our funding is limited and decisions are based on projected success and need of applicants
  • Funding for training is not guaranteed even if all paperwork is returned
  • Your application for training funds will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on a number of factors including: need for funding, prior experience and skills, completeness & timeliness of paperwork, review of assessments, related records & documentation, and availability of funds
  • Training must result in a recognized certificate, license, or diploma. (We do not fund single classes like a two-week training in Excel)
  • Master Degree Programs cannot be funded
  • Self-directed / on-line only training is not eligible for funding
  • We will assist you for 12 months after training completion, the goal is that you will be successfully employed and we will provide support and follow-up services

Please note: All guidelines and funding are subject to change at any time based on local WDB policy changes and the availability of WIOA funds.