Mental Health

Services Available

The Mental Health Services consist of a number of distinct programs designed to help individuals, families, and agencies that are experiencing a variety of mental health needs. They are as follows:


The OUTPATIENT CLINIC offers outpatient services to individuals 5 years of age and older. Treatment for children and teens focuses on family systems. Areas of concern may be attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, or the parent child relationship. The primary mission for our adult consumers is to provide treatment for a variety of psychiatric and psychological disturbances including depression, anxiety and panic, bipolar disorder, and disturbances of thought and perception (such as hallucinations and delusions). In addition, family violence, sexual abuse, and impaired interpersonal relationships can be addressed. Clinical staff is comprised of mental health professionals of Masters-Level training and Community Mental Health Nurses. We also access the expertise of a Psychologist and Psychiatrists. Various modes of treatment are utilized and include individual psychotherapy, marital and family therapy, psychological testing, chemotherapy (medication), group therapy, and psychiatric evaluations. Overall a Psychiatrist supervises treatment.

It is able to provide community based mental health services for children with serious emotional disturbances and avoids unnecessary institutional placement or separation of children from their family and their community. The Center also sees children/adolescents and their parents who are challenged beyond their coping skills in order to alleviate continued problems and improve the chances for future successes.

New York State law mandates parental consent is clearly given for minors (individuals under the age of 18) to receive services through the Child and Family Center. Exceptions occur only when an emergency room physician requests a mental health evaluation for a patient in their care within the emergency room.


The DAY OPPORTUNITY CENTER is a Continuing Day Treatment program designed for individuals who need more active treatment for their mental illness. Goals are established that help maintain and enhance current levels of functioning, to maintain and develop community living skills and to develop self-esteem. This is achieved through the exploration and development of clients' strengths and interests. The program meets five hours per day (9:45 AM TO 3:15 PM), five days a week. Individuals generally attend a minimum of two days per week.

The DOC multi-disciplinary team includes a Psychiatrist, Community Mental Health Nurses, Mental Health Therapists, and Mental Health Therapy Assistants. The program consists of a wide range of services, including medication management, recreational and educational activities, including GED and remedial work. Skills necessary for community living are taught and practiced in program using individual and group therapies. Social skills are practiced on field trips to various sites in Western New York. Community living skills are practiced in the community at the YMCA, library, and local stores. A work experience program provides the opportunity to explore work interests and skills for a limited number of clients. Transportation is provided through Dial-a-Bus or by the agency. 


Case Management and Care Management for both adults and youth is available for consumers with more extensive needs for advocacy, monitoring, and linkage to additional services.


The Community Education programs and classes are designed and produced according to our perceived need or request from the public. Programs range from free informational presentations to more formal established classes. Attendance is open to the general public and the menu of topics continues to be expanded. Speakers are also available for outside presentations.


Crisis Services are available throughout the day. After-hours, a crisis worker is on-call through Care and Crisis Helpline (585) 283-5200) Text Line: 741741 for telephone consultation and emergency assessments as the situation warrants.