Mental Health

Words That Encourage

  • To congratulate her on a job well done:

Way to go!  That’s great!  You’ve made real progress.
You did a good job.  Well done!  I’m proud of you.
You are a natural… that part is excellent.  That’s fantastic!
Thank you for using such wonderful manners.
That was a good try.  I knew you could do it.
What an improvement!  You are really creative.
I couldn’t have done that without your help.

  • To help him feel good about himself:

I love you.  You make me smile. You look wonderful.
You are so thoughtful.  You are a great sport.
I’m glad you are my child.  I enjoy spending time with you.
We make a great team.  I’m glad you called.
I had a wonderful time.  What a great idea.  That’s awesome!
You’re exactly right.  You’re a good friend.
I appreciate your kindness.

  • To support her when she’s down:

How do you feel? Do you need help?  Are you all right?
If you’re worried about something, let’s discuss it.
Do you want to talk about it?  I care about you.
Can I get you anything?  Just do your best.
You can talk to me anytime.  We’ll work it out together.
Tell me about it.  Let me give you a compliment.
What can I do to help?  I love you.  I am sorry you’re hurting.