Forest Management

Forest Management Plan - Genesee County Park & Forest
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Bethany Forest Stewardship Plan Report Cover 
Bethany Forest Stewardship Plan Title Page 
Bethany Forest Stewardship Plan Preface
Bethany Forest Stewardship Plan 


GC Appendix 1 NYS DEC Stumpage Prices GC Appendix 2 Planting Method
GC Appendix 3 Pruning Techniques GC Appendix 4 NY Logger Training
GC Appendix 5 Guide to Urban Bow Hunting  GC Appendix 6 Whitetail Deer Impacts
GC Appendix 7 NYS DEC Controlling Deer GC Appendix 8 NYSDEC Deer Management
GC Appendix 9 NYSDEC Regulatory Info  
Forest Stands with Aerial  Cover Type Map 
Soil Types of The Bethany Forest & Park  Inventory Strata 
Proposed Commercial Treatment Areas Follow-Up Commercial Treatment Areas 
Proposed Pre-Commercial Treatment Areas