Department Information


Department Information


Genesee County Planning Board

  • Serves as staff to the County Planning Board
  • Prepares General Municipal Law Section 239 L, M & N reviews (approx. 125/year)


Local Technical Assistance

 Assisting local municipalities with planning and zoning issues including:

  • Zoning Law and Ordinance Revisions (major rewrites and minor amendments such as Solar Energy, etc)
  • Subdivision Regulations and Land Separation Laws
  • Project Reviews including zoning, subdivision, special use and site plan reviews
  • Training opportunities for local boards both regional and local on-site
  • Comprehensive Planning assistance to local municipalities developing plans


Genesee County Water Supply Project

  • Coordination of Smart Growth Plan including the three-year review process
  • Assistance to local municipalities with Smart Growth and Ag Preservation
  • Assistance with administrative activities of the County’s Water Resource Agency
  • Coordination of the Administrative Water System Hookup Committee
  • Monitoring local municipalities who are authorized to make water hook-up decisions

Agriculture and Farmland Protection

  • Coordinate review of the County’s Agricultural Districts including preparation of all documentation and mapping
  • Act as staff to the County’s Ag & Farmland Protection Board
  • Provision of technical assistance to local municipalities on Ag & Farmland Protection issues

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Genesee County Comprehensive Planning Process

  • Provide staff support to the Steering Committee and ten Focus Groups
  • Coordinate the preparation of Monitoring Reports and Steering Committee’s Annual Report to the County Legislature

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

  • Prepare, or assist, in the preparation of all necessary SEQR documentation related to various County Projects such as the County Airport, Countywide Water System, Sheriff's Building, etc.
  • Provide assistance to local municipalities on SEQR issues


  • Attends Housing Initiative Committee meetings and actively participates on projects
  • Prepares updates to the Genesee County Housing Assistance and Information Directory
  • Assists in publicity for housing programs
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County Projects/Agencies

  • Provides assistance with development of various projects such as zoning approvals for new County facilities, grant applications, planning activities, census data, etc.
  • Staff serves on the following committees: Traffic Safety Board, Water Quality Committee, GIS Committee, Records Advisory Board, GLOW Solid Waste Advisory Committee, GLOW Solid Waste Planning Committee, Genesee/Finger Lakes (G/FL) Regional Planning Council, G/FL Planning Coordination Committee, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
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Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Works in conjunction with Real Property Tax Services, Soil and Water Conservation District, Sheriff’s Office, Information and Technology and Highway Dept. on the development of a County-wide GIS.
  • GIS products (maps) are now being made available to County Departments, Agencies and interested parties that request them according to a fee schedule


Emergency Management Services

  • Assisting Coordinator of Emergency Management Services with the development of the Emergency Relocation Plan, All Hazards Plan, Homeland Security Program and other emergency management planning activities

EagleView  Imagery (Pictometry)

  • Works with County Real Property Tax Services and IT Departments to deploy EagleView imagery for use by other County Departments as well as local municipalities.




Contact Information

County Building No. 2
3837 West Main Street Road 
Batavia, NY 14020-9404 

Phone:  (585) 815-7901

Fax:  (585) 345-3062

Felipe Oltramari AICP CNUa, Director
Erin Pence, Deputy Director
Chris Scheiner, GIS Technician



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County Planning Board

Local Technical Assistance

County Water Supply Project

Agriculture and Farmland Protection 

County Comprehensive Planning Process 

State Environmental quality Review (SEQR)


County Projects/Agencies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Emergency Management Services


Contact Information