GIS Data and Mapping Services

The Planning Department offers other County Departments and agencies expertise with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data creation and analysis as well as mapping services. Our staff is able to prepare custom mapping for geographic analysis. The Department's data inventory includes:

Tax Parcels (released yearly in July)
Address Points
NYSDEC Freshwater Wetlands
Federal Wetlands
Soils (including Prime and Strategic Farmland)
Audubon Important Bird Areas
FEMA Floodplains
Watersheds and Hydrology
Well Head Sites and Protection Areas
Public Parks and Recreation Areas
Schools, Churches and other Public Facilities
Roads and Highways
Contour/Elevation Lines (2 ft. for Northern 2/3 of the County and Countywide 5 and 10 meter USGS)
Railroads, Active and Abandoned
Municipal Boundaries
NYS Agricultural Districts
Fire Stations and Districts
School Districts
Local Zoning
Telecommunication Towers
1990, 2000 and 2010 Census Tracts, Block Groups and Blocks
Electric, Gas and Brine Transmission Lines and Pipelines
Electric and Gas Franchise Zones
Fire Hydrants (outside of the City of Batavia)
National Register Historic Sites & Districts
Local Historic Sites and Districts
Culturally Significant Areas
Aerial Photography
Primary and Secondary Aquifers
Election Districts and Polling Places
Zip Code Boundaries
Legislative Districts
Smart Growth Development Areas
Water and Sewer lines

Fee Schedule

The Department's staff is able to create custom geographic coverages specific to the needs of your department or agency. We can then overlay these maps with existing data or other custom coverages and undertake a geographic analysis.

For more information about our capabilities and fees, contact the GIS Analyst, Erin Pence, at (585) 815-7901 or stop in Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

To view and analyze most of these coverages or their metadata online go to the Genesee County Maps website


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