Genesee County Smart Growth Plan

The Genesee County Smart Growth Plan is a mitigating action of potential significant environmental impacts of the Genesee County Water Supply Project upon the viability of agriculture in Genesee County.
The Genesee County Smart Growth Plan is intended to encourage the revitalization of villages and hamlet areas and protect valuable agricultural resources. The Plan has three goals:

  1. Focus County resources to support economic development opportunities in the most promising locations;
  2. Encourage the revitalization of existing industrial areas, business districts, and residential neighborhoods in the City of Batavia and developed village areas; and
  3. Protect farmland and the rural character of the countryside, and maintain the viability of agriculture.

The Plan and accompanying action items requires the County to restrict hook-ups to County-funded portions of the water system (referred to as "water system") in the County. Automatic access to the water system is available to all existing and new development located within Smart Growth Development Areas (see town maps below). New development located outside of the Development Area boundary is not eligible for an automatic hookup. An administrative review process has been established by the County to review these applications on a case by case basis. Residents and businesses seeking hook-ups to the water system should contact the Town or Village in which the hook-up will be located for more information about obtaining water service.

Town Maps of Development Areas
















County-wide Development Areas Map 

Since its inception in 2001, the Smart Growth Plan has been regularly updated and is required to be reviewed by the Planning Department every three years.   The 2016 review report was adopted by the County Legislature in February of 2017 (see the link below for the full document).

Genesee County Smart Growth Plan Review 2016

Genesee County Smart Growth Plan 2016 Update (2.40 mb)