Steering Committee

Mr. Gregg McAllister Retired Resident Committee Chair / Executive Committee
Mr. Gary Maha County Legislature Executive Committee
Mr. Matt Landers County Manager Government Administration and Education Focus Group Chair / Executive Committee
Mr. Felipe Oltramari County Planning Director Executive Committee
Mr. Paul Osborn County Highway Deputy Superintendent Recreation Plan Subcommittee Chair
Mr. Chad  Klotzbach County Legislator Agriculture and Food Production Focus Group Chair
Ms. Kimberly Perl County Office for the Aging Specialist-Aging Services Community Wellness Focus Group Chair
Mr. Tim Yaeger County EMS Coordinator Criminal Justice and Emergency Management Focus Group Chair
Mr. Steve Hyde GCEDC ED Economic and Workforce Development Focus Group Chair
Ms. Sue Boss Pathstone VP Housing Services  Housing Opportunities Focus Group Chair
Mr. Brad Mudrzynski County Soil & Water Conservation District Manager  Land Use, Environment & Place Making Focus Group Chair
Mr. Rob Walker YMCA Exec. Dir. Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture Focus Group Chair
Ms. Melanie Inda County IT Deputy Director Technology and Utilities Focus Group Co-Chair
Mr. Steve  Zimmer County IT Director Technology and Utilities Focus Group Co-Chair
Mr. Tim Hens County Highway Superintendent Transportation and Mobility Focus Group Chair
Ms. Jocelyn Sikorski County Youth Bureau  Recreation Plan Subcommittee
Mr. Bruno DeFazio Genesee County Parks Advisory Committee Member Recreation Plan Subcommittee
Mr. Jerome Gentry Association for the Conservation Of Recreational and Natural Spaces Recreation Plan Subcommittee
Mr. George Squires Black Creek Watershed Coalition Recreation Plan Subcommittee
Ms. Rachael Tabelski City of Batavia, Acting City Manager  
Mr. Tom Turnbull County Chamber of Commerce President  
Mr. Bill Schutt County EMS Deputy Coordinator  
Ms. Marianne Clattenburg County Legislator  
Mr. Gordon Dibble County Legislator  
Mr. Bob Bennett County Planning Board  
Ms. Laraine Caton County Planning Board  
Mx. Erin Pence County Planning Deputy Director  
Mr. Jim Krencik GCEDC Marketing & Communications Manager  
Mr. Mark Masse GCEDC VP of Operations  
Mr. Thomas Dix Genesee Association of Municipalities (GAM) representative  
Ms. Diana Fox Office for the Aging  
Mr.  Jay Gsell GFLRPC / Retired Resident