Public Defender

Meet the Staff

Criminal Defense Section

Jerry M. Ader, Public Defender
Lisa M. Kroemer, Senior Assistant Public Defender
Jamie B. Welch, Assistant Public Defender
John J. D'Arpino, Assistant Public Defender 
Michael E. Benedict, Assistant Public Defender
Molly M. Deacon, Assistant Public Defender
Roman A. Misula, Assistant Public Defender
Stephen E. Brooks, Assistant Public Defender

The attorneys in the Criminal Defense Section represent individuals who cannot afford to hire counsel who are charged with Felony, Misdemeanor and Violation level offenses in all of the criminal courts of the county (Genesee County Court, Batavia City Court, Town Courts and Village Courts).


Family Court Section

Kelly Donohue Burns, Senior Assistant Public Defender
Courtney A. Spiotta, Assistant Public Defender
Mary Kay Yanik, Assistant Public Defender
Anjan Ganguly, Assistant Public Defender

The attorneys in the Family Court Section provide legal representation to individuals who cannot afford an attorney, and who are parties in proceedings before the Family Court of this County dealing with issues of custody of children or the loss of liberty, such as custody, abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights and family offense proceedings. The Family Court Section also provides representation to juveniles petitioned to the Family Court as Juvenile Delinquents or Persons in Need of Supervision.


Support Staff

Jamie E. Amburgey, Confidential Secretary
Caitlyn J. McKenzie, Legal Clerk-Typist 
Tyler Goff, Legal Clerk-Typist

The clerical support staff of the Public Defenders Office carries out a number of functions, including but not limited to, financial eligibility intake interviews, file and case information management as well as more traditional clerical functions. As such, they are often the first contact with the client and remain an important line of communication for the client throughout their representation.

Scott D. Frearson, Investigator
Patrick Cecere, Case Manager
Jeremiah J. Pedro, Paralegal

The Case Manager conducts intake interviews at the Genesee County Jail, and assesses collateral client problems and needs such as substance abuse, physical or mental health needs, housing problems, etc., makes appropriate referrals to other agencies and follows the clients' progress.